Episode #57 Make Your Dreams a Reality

Use a Google Calendar Vision Board
January 20, 2021


Excited to have the freedom of starting your own business?

It sounds great.  Full flexibility.  Full creative license to do what you want.

And then it hits you...what am I supposed to do each day?

As an employee, your tasks and routines were defined for you.

Now you are staring at a blank slate.  Panic and overwhelm start to set in.

Don’t worry, I got ya.  A Google Calendar vision board and The Clarity Steps will help you design and live your dream life & business while putting your mental health first.


 In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Using Google Calendar to create a vision board for your time

  • Measuring your activities and tasks for both your business and your personal life

  • Identifying and anticipating your process obstacles like schedule crashes, delivering B- work or attention disrupters

  • Overcoming dreaded mindset obstacles that distract our brains

  • Evolving as we go so that you get to create that dream life that you want. Have something that you can anchor on that visualization.

Time Stamps

[04:56] Using Google Calendar As A Vision Board: You'll never guess how I use Google Calendar and metrics to help put together my vision board to achieve my dreams. Here's my secret.

[09:31] B- Work: This one is for all of my perfectionists out there. This concept is so tough but so worth it.

[10:42] The 24/7 Calendar & Metrics: This concept is borrowed from Jason Hoffman. Using the 24/7 Calendar that focuses on the life you want to live sounds a little something like this!

[22:22] Identify Your Calendar Obstacles: I prep an obstacle list right alongside my calendar that I have planned for myself. How do I move forward with both together, jump in to find out!

[25:25] Navigating Schedule Crashes: If you have obstacles or schedule crashes that happen repeatedly, those things are worthy of your attention. Here are some examples that I experience.

[30:59] Overcoming Mindset Obstacles: We all have them because we're totally human. Don't let mindsets completely derail you from keeping your schedule, here's how I've navigated uncomfortable mindsets like anxiety.

[35:14] Evolving Your Journey: Your schedule doesn't have to be the typical Monday through Friday nine to five. Evolve your hours to align with your vision without jeopardizing your mental health. Last summer, we changed our dinner time to 9:30 pm, here's what happened.

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