Episode #152 Products Designed for Learning & Doing Styles

Get Ready to Skyrocket your Business by Celebrating Beautiful, Diverse Brains
February 18 , 2023


We all know that Unique Products/Services are the most successful.  Nobody wants a cookie cutter approach.  Why?  Because it often won't work for them.

You may have heard other coaches, healers or educators express in frustration..."the client has to do the work to get the results".

Let's take a moment to reflect on our experiences being the client.  Did you ever get frustrated with yourself for not doing the work?  Did you find yourself blaming the program or blaming yourself?  Did you know that both are perfect in every way?  Most likely, you just encountered a mismatch with your Learning & Doing Style.

Fast forward to you as a Product/Service creator in your business.  In addition to great sales, you also want a high client success rate, right?  My friend, it's time to become aware of the many different Learning and Doing styles.  When you know these, you'll be inspired to get creative.

Get ready.  Your business success is about to skyrocket as you celebrate beautiful, diverse brains!

In this episode we explore:

  • Why Unmet Needs inspire Unique, Highly Desirable Products
  • 12 Learning Styles to consider
  • What's right for you?  What's right for your clients?
  • 13 Doing Styles
  • With the right Doing Style, anything can get done!


Time Stamps:

[02:10] The Fish and the Tree - Who's to blame if the learner doesn't get their result?  The learner or the program?  Neither.  It's just time to get a Fish Bowl.


[04:00] Different Learning Styles - Check out these 12 learning styles before you buy your next program!  A mismatch will not give you a return on your investment.


[11:09] Designing your Product/Service for Different Learning Styles- Their unmet need is your opportunity!  Ready to skyrocket your business?


[14:11] Working Styles - Ever wonder why you struggle to get your stuff done?  These 13 working styles will make you realize "That's It!"


[20:35] Designing your Product/Service for Different Doing Styles  Your clients want results.  To get results they have to do the work, right?  What if your product/service was the one and only product that FINALLY set them up for success so they actually do the work? 

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