Episode #74 Price Drama

July 23, 2021

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Price drama can leave you swimming with indecision for months.  You can't make any revenue from your products & services until you make a decision.  

Your heart just wants to help people.  You would do this work for free.

You worry that the people you want to help won’t be able to afford your help.  Or worse yet, they won’t think it is worth it.  Your inner critic whispers that you are not worth it.

Stop the drama.  Get inspired and get ready to make decisions.  We need your business to be viable.


[2:42]  Vast range of prices - What is the norm in this industry? 

[3:43]  Access to Care & Business Investment - Finding your “Why” for pricing

[5:28]  Product/Service Menu - There’s something for everyone

[7:11]  Minimum Math Number - The easiest way to cut the drama is with neutral numbers

[8:13]  Doing the Math - Take the guesswork out of it

[9:41]  What is your market? Who becomes part of the market and when? - There’s a time and place for every price

[13:38] Create expectations for service - Who do you want to be for them?

[14:56]  Winery Level Experience - Is the experience or the actual product?

[17:51]  Creative Financing - Never underestimate what’s possible

[20:27] When someone really desires the outcome - If they really want it, they’ll figure it out

[22:09] Inspiration from kids - if they can do it, so can we

[24:14] Price experiments & evolution - try it, you don’t have to be married to it

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