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Episode #22 Dangerous Work Addiction

Help keep our heroes safe
May 12, 2020

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People with big hearts may experience dangerous work addiction.  Front line workers that are trying to save lives may be at higher risk.  Long hours and extreme levels of stress can lead to stroke, heart attack, unhealthy insulin levels and possibly suicide.

When in the grips of work addiction, an individual is unable to recognize there is something wrong.  They feel they are doing everything right for their team, their customers, their community or for their family.

Join me as I share stories of my work related mini-stroke, my co-worker's major stroke, my client's heart attack and the life that we were able to save.

Please watch out for each other.  Learn the signs, symptoms and how to intervene to keep our heroes safe and healthy.

This Episode is dedicated to Dr. Lorna Breen.  You were a hero and will be forever missed.

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