Episode #97 What if you were...?

2 Techniques to Flip Your Personality Traits
to achieve your New Year's Resolution
December 31, 2021

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New Year’s Resolutions created out of shame or disdain toward yourself never work.  Negative feelings generate actions that feel like punishment.  You won’t stick to punishing yourself.  However, when you generate goals from love, your actions will be things you truly enjoy and you’ll get the results you want.

What if your undesirable personality traits, such as I’m not organized, I’m not smart, I can’t handle things, were not true?  What if the complete opposite were true?  You could stop shaming yourself so you can achieve your goals from love.

Getting a complete 180 degree flip is difficult to create instantaneously.  But, it is possible.  I know, I tackled one of the hardest flips.  I went from “I hate my body” to “I love my body”.  Now my body goals come from a place of love.  Imagine what's possible in your business and life if you could flip your toughest traits?

In this episode, you’ll learn two techniques that will help you get the vital mindset shifts you need so you can achieve your goals.

  • Personality traits we say about ourselves and how it influences how we work towards are goals (yikes!).
  • How to challenge (and inspire!) yourself to have a 180 degree flip on your personality trait
  • The Future You technique - you are your best guide.  Learn how to tap into the wisdom and beliefs you have yet to create.
  • The Thought Bridge technique - gaurantee your 180 degree flip by taking baby steps
  • Learn by example.  I share my exact Thought Bridge steps to successfully, and permanently flip from "I hate my body” to “I love by my body.”


Time Stamps:


[03:42] The "What If" Flip: It's time to challenge all of those things you say about yourself that you think are facts. We're going to flip those around and ask yourself these "what if" questions.

[04:43] Your Untrue Truths: I made a long list of some of the things I've heard my clients say to me. Do any of these sound familiar to the things you say to yourself that you believe are facts?

[09:27] Party Like it's 1999: Listen, the Prince era was a lot of things, but the best part was the celebrations. This is a fun story!

[12:05] Introducing the Future You Technique: Step into future you by imagining what your life would be like. Try these steps.

[13:36] Technique #2: The Thought Bridge: A thought bridge is made up of incremental thoughts that shift you to your future you. Here are the planks I walked from "I hate my body" to "I love my body."

[20:57] Part II of Future You: Future you knows your personality isn't permanent, you can switch anything about it by switching your thoughts about yourself. Get the most out of the Future You technique by following this last step.

Learn more about the Future You technique in Episode 88 of the My Freedom Grove Podcast.

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