Episode #85 Time to Competency in Your Business Role

October 8, 2021


Starting any new job is a recipe for instant overwhelm.  How are you supposed to do everything if you have never done it before?

As an employee, you’ve experienced on the job training.  Many companies spend time optimizing their training programs to get employees up and running as fast as possible.

Well designed plans decrease overwhelm by staggering out the different training aspects.

Leverage this practice as an entrepreneur to reduce your time to competency.  Create your own Learn & Development plan.  Examine your options and keep track of your progress.  (Psst...this also helps you reduce collecting too many online courses and not actually using them).  Consider some of shared tips so you can get your business up and running faster. 


In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • the dedicated training and proficiency matrix as an employee.
  • developing a learning and development plan as an entrepreneur.
  • how in the heck do restaurants pop up so fast?!
  • outsourcing different aspects of your business.
  • deciding to hire employees.
  • committing to building your own skills.
  • partnering with different types of coaches in your business.


Time Stamps:

[1:38] New Hire Training the corporate way.  Every role has a specific, sequenced training and development plan with pre-determined completion time and financial compensation during that period.

[6:25]  Entrepreneurs balance learning, building and doing.  Revenue needs to be made, so when can you afford taking time to learn and develop?  Can you afford not to?

[10:13]  Inspiration from Brick and Morter. Evidence that it is possible to get a business up and running faster, even with a learning curve.  Discover what’s possible by looking at brick and mortar stores.

[15:33] Creating your own Learning & Development plan.  What’s on it and how does it help?

[18:23] Newsflash...you don’t have to learn every detail and skill yourself.  You have options.

[20:44]  DIY lovers...learn it your way.  What is the best way of learning that sets you up for success?

[22:27]  Thought Partner Coaches. Is side-by-side training available to Entrepreneurs?  It sure was helpful as an employee.

[24:29] Plan, budget and schedule.  How to utilize your personal Learning & Development plan to meet your goals.

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