Episode #162 Mastering Change

May 5, 2023


Change... love it or hate it, it's inevitable.  Change is a natural part of life and business.

Even when you voluntarily sign up for change, you may experience resistance, unpleasant emotions, and significant delays to getting to your new happy "after".

Not only are you facing your own change journey, your change causes a domino effect for others.  Their reaction, or your fear of their reaction, may be an additional hurdle to overcome.

You have an opportunity to make the whole process easier and faster.  When you understand the 7 phases of change, you'll recognize where you are and how you can quickly advance forward.  Additionally, you'll also be able to recognize where others are in their change journey.  This allows you to support their easier and faster transition.

When you master change, your quality of life and business success soar. TIP: Reference the Change Curve visual below as you listen to this episode.

In this episode we explore:

  • Immediate Change Adoption vs. a Journey
  • Your 7 phase change Journey
  • Escape Mechanisms to avoid Change
  • The Significance of Experimentation
  • How to be Unshakable when Others React to Your Change


Time Stamps:

[01:10] Mastering Change - Are you an early adopter, experimenter or have you dug in your heels?  What would be possible if you got to your happy "After" quickly?


[05:05] The Change Curve- All humans process change through these 7 phases.  So why do we judge ourselves or others during those phases?  All phases serve a purpose, and they don't have to last forever.


[21:50] Anticipatory Dread & Dispair - The biggest reason we dig our heels in.  It's time to challenge assumptions.  There is another way that guarantees a happy, successful "After". 


[24:35] How Many Changes Can You Handle at Once? - Feeling overwhelmed and defeated?  It may be due to the sheer number of changes you're navigating at one time.  Tune in for tips to get complete, calm and happy faster.


[25:45] Change Domino Effect - Yep, you have other people in your sphere that will get impacted by your change.  Their reaction may feel unsupportive.  Are you sure?  Are they truely unsupportive, or are they just going through the natural 7 stages of change.  Learn how you can all get to the happy "After" quickly, together.

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