Episode #113 Inspired Business Metrics

Lessons Learned from Million Dollar Businesses Made from Scratch
April 22, 2022


Not everybody loves metrics. I happen to be a metrics junkie. I love metrics. Your metrics can work like a heat-seeking missile to pinpoint exactly what you need to work on so that you can achieve your goals!

Last week 23 Businesses that started from scratch, received Million Dollar awards from a Company that was started from scratch by 1 woman.  What did they all have in common?  They used metrics to make business decisions.

Much like digging for gold, trying to hit a slot machine jackpot, or even wrestling with a knotted hose (all really great stories shared on today’s episode), the anticipatory anxiety and frustration of overcoming business obstacles can be a mental health barrier. It can also distract you from your wins.

Your business metrics, and even your personal growth metrics, can help show you the progress of how far you’ve come and point you in the direction of where you should go next. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • million Dollar Business Journeys that started from scratch.
  • being three feet from gold, and walking away.
  • connecting and building an intentional sales funnel to better support your clients.
  • using the mindset model to feel good when reviewing metrics.
  • using metrics for mental health and personal growth.
  • leveraging the clarity steps to make your dream a reality.


Time Stamps:

[03:59] Starting from Scratch - We all have to start somewhere, right? My mind was blown at the Life Coach School Mastermind event I recently attended, when 23 people were recognized for earning $1M in annual revenue. They started from scratch too!


[10:46] Three Feet From Gold - Would you walk away from gold?  If you don’t know that you’re close to it, how will you know to keep going?


[15:16] Connecting Your Sales Funnel - A disconnected sales funnel is like a knotted garden hose mess. If you don't fix the kinks, the water can't flow.


[20:22] Using Your Mindset Model When Reviewing Metrics - Instead of feeling frustrated while looking at your business metrics, use your mindset model to review with curiosity. You can even get to a place of being grateful for the data!


[25:11] Use Metrics To Evolve Into The Person You Want To Be - Imagine what life would be like if you could wave a magic wand and remove a barrier for yourself. Metrics can help you get there! You can become the person you want to be.


[30:02] Using The Clarity Steps - Your big business and personal evolution dreams are guaranteed when you use this repeatable 7 step process that uses metrics to uncover and resolve your obstacles.

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