Episode #66 Honoring Your Word to Yourself

March 24, 2021


What becomes possible when you do what you say you are going to do? 

How would your relationships be different if you held your boundaries and respected your values?

How would you be different as an entrepreneur if you didn’t fall for the wrong offers?

Honoring your word to yourself is not easy. It’s a conscious choice and a continued practice.

Making it harder are these 4 common pitfalls.

With a few simple mindset shifts, it gets much easier.  Get ready to trust yourself like never before.


[7:31] Be Intentional with Your Word - how vague or unclear decisions leave you feeling anxious.


[12:41] Multiple Words with Competing Priorities - stop the mental hamster wheel. Making decisions ahead of time makes decisions a snap.


[28:29] Contingency Plans - Learn the difference between a failure plan and a contingency plan


[33:57] Growth Journey - Some words are so big, you have to grow into them.


[42:18] 4 Beliefs - The easy way to honor your word to yourself

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