Episode #89 Business Circles

November 8, 2021


You are an amazing entrepreneur and service provider.  The contribution you have to make is more valuable than you realize.  Your potential client pool is much larger than you can imagine.

When you are doing business in a silo, your prospects seem limited.  

Expand your reach and impact through Business Circles: communities of service providers supporting similar customers.  You have the ability to “fit” in more business circles, help each other and provide more help to the world.

When we link together, anything is possible.


[3:02]  It Takes a Village...the inspiration for Business Circles.  The client is fully supported, you don’t burn out, you rise together through referrals and harness the power of collaboration.

[5:03] Getting Started - How to identify your Business Circle(s), your contribution and why you are a valuable member.

[12:53] Get Connected - to belong, someone has to make the first move.  How to reach out to form the relationship and make it mutually beneficial.

[15:43]  Your memory is great, but a tracking system is better.  A few things to consider so you keep your Business Circle information organized.

[16:43]  Making Business Circles payoff - get the referrals going in both directions.

[21:47]  Expand your reach and accessibility with Directories and Events.

[27:52]  Make the magic happen.  Harness the power of Collaborations and deliver concentrated value to your clients.


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