Episode #89 Business Circles

November 8, 2021



It takes a village, and thoughtfully curated business circles. These support systems help us avoid burnout, develop a referral network, and create collaboration opportunities. Think about your business circles. Which ones come to mind first? What energy do they give you that helps you recharge? What value do you add? How can your superpowers unite into one impactful experience?

The opportunities are endless. 2022 can be all about establishing and leveraging your business circles. 

In today’s episode, I talk about: 

  • Identifying your village - aka your business circle.
  • How to build business circles using three tactics.
  • Identify the value alignment between your business and the circles you currently exist in.
  • Using search and social media to connect with service providers.
  • Creating a referral network with your business circle.
  • Leveraging directories and events.
  • The amazing collaboration opportunities that come with an aligned business circle.


Time Stamps:


[03:02] It Takes A Village: All of the people who show up in your business circle are a part of your village. Here's why they're so important!


[04:57] Beginning To Build Business Circles: Use these three tactics on building your village and support system.


[05:03] Identify Existing Business Circles and Their Value Alignment: Time to do some research on who your current business circles are and where your values are aligned (or not).


[12:53] Using Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook to Connect to Service Providers: I've built my business circles by setting up connection calls. Here's how I use google and social platforms to connect.


[15:43] Keeping Track of Your Business Circles with a Database: Time to make a digital rolodex of your connections. Use labels with the answers to these questions!


[16:24] Referrals Within Your Business Circle: Business circle besties are all about sharing. Asking for referrals can be uncomfortable, but try approaching it this way. 


[21:47] Business Circle Directories & Events: There are many lists of amazing companies who's services align with yours. Leveraging those directories and attending events is a great way to grow your circle. 


[27:35] Collaboration Opportunities: The ultimate sweet spot in a Venn diagram can lead to innovative collaborations with your business circles. Here are some inspiring ideas!


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