Episode #84 Making the Money Work

October 1, 2021



The entrepreneurship roller coaster can be much easier by learning how to make the money work. It's definitely possible that you can get your business to be a well-oiled machine with planned predictable income for you, that is sustainable for the long haul. 

 Trying to do everything on your own can be really hard. I know you're strong. I know you're very strong. You're capable of doing this, but sometimes that extra weight on your shoulders makes it so much more difficult. Having someone that you can talk to about any of your stuff helps to lighten that load so that you can make it through and you don't give up and you keep going.

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • taming the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship by learning how to make the money work.
  • Learning some simple concepts and calculators to answer the 3 most common questions all entrepreneurs have:
    • How can I afford to quit my job and start a business?
    • What price should I charge?
    • How do I ensure my business is sustainable and profitable?
  • Getting calm and confident in your business. 
  • Pulling the numbers out and make them visible. 


Time Stamps:


[02:40] Every Phase of the Entrepreneur's Journey Needs Support: No matter where you are on your entrepreneur journey, you have to figure out how to make the money work, and you need support along the way.


STORMING: learning coaching, healing and education skills, and exploring brand & business models  


FORMING: building website, social presence, products & services, and beginning business


NORMING: getting in the routine with business processes, metrics and making revenue


OPTIMIZING: refining skills, refining or expanding products/services, creating profit

[05:02] The Top 3 Money Questions All Entrepreneurs Ask

[06:31]  Q1: How Do I Afford To Leave My Job and Start a Business? You can afford to leave your corporate job - Know you minimum math number and sources


[18:39] Q2: How Much Do I Charge For My Products and Services? Take the guesswork out of pricing. Use custom-made revenue and resource calculators.


[22:16] Q3: How Do I Ensure My Business is Sustainable and Profitable? Ensure your business is sustainable and profitable for the long haul. Use this approach so you always have plenty of money.


[29:35] Putting Your Profits First: Break out of the habit of spending your profit the minute you make it.  What would it be like if you actually had the money to match your Profit & Loss Statement?


[31:34] Stop making the money mean something about you.  Use visual tools that allow math to just be math.

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