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You Deserve to Actually Enjoy Your Life

How much of your life have you struggled trying to "Suck It Up" and "Be a Real Man" or a "Power House Woman?"  How much enjoyment have you experienced trying to fit in, live up to expectations, be successful, or follow in the exact steps laid out for you?

Perhaps you've been the "Strong One" that everyone turns to for support.  You love to help people, but your getting overburdened, resentful and hurt.  How do you shift the balance and have healthy boundaries without loosing the relationship or suffering from their reaction?

As a heart lead entreprenuer, or an aspiring entreprenuer, you can't wait to make a difference, feel fulfillment, and freedom .  Right now, your mental health is being challenged by your responsibilities, a steep learning curve, confusion, overwhelm and just about every insecurity known to man. It seems like every time you start making progress, life throws you a curve ball.

It's just too much.  Your anxiety & frustration are through the roof.  Your depression is trying to convince you to throw in the towel.


Pause.....Breathe.....You've found the calm for your storm.

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Get to Know Gretchen

My Freedom Grove is Your Sanctuary

You will be part of an evolving ecosystem of compassionate individuals, mental health advocates and business minds.  We celebrate Diversity & Inclusion and honor your Freedom of Choice.  Together, we support you every step of the way on your journey to living the real you, taking care of your needs, creating the relationships and life that is right for you, and building your sustainable business and legacy.

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Get Relief & Inspiration Right Now

My Freedom Grove podcast provides a combination of mini-lessons and interview episodes.  Hear authentic stories of work, entrepreneurial & personal struggles, experiments, triumphs and following one's purpose.   

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Download one of the resource guides to begin your journey

Be Unshakable, Unstoppable and have Emotional Freedom

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How to Help Someone

Without triggering their defense mechanisms. Recognize what is really happening and how to approach.

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Achieve Any Goal

Without jeopardizing your mental health. Introducing The Clarity Steps.

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Get Your Business Up & Running

Without Overwhelm, confusion or burnout.  Use LEAN business principles & The Clarity Steps.

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Men, Get Free Support Now

Join the Men's Feelings Matter private Facebook group.  Get inspiration, support and a weekly Virtual Men's Support group via Zoom.  It's your safe space, away from the rest of the world.

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