Create a Sustainable Income & Schedule with Irresistible Products and Services. Fill your Roster using Value Aligned Sales Funnels and Processes. 

Create a Sustainable Business
While Taking Care of
Mental Health



Create your Unique Products and Services.
Fill your Roster using V
alue Aligned Sales Funnels.
Build your Capability and Confidence.

Grab the Irresistible Offer Research Guide to validate
your Offers and Sales Funnels
 before you build them.

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Irresistible Offer Research Guide

Calm, Confident Entrepreneurs use structure and data to build & sell their offers

The most stressful part of being an entrepreneur is worrying about wasting time, money and not getting clients.  This slows you down so much, it's almost impossible to get your business pieces built and working.  Instead, you're stuck in an emotional spiral and flurry of random work that doesn't get results.  You're left burnt out, defeated and soaked in self doubt. 

Coaches, Healers and Educators, the world needs you! You're amazing at your craft.

Unfortunately, most certification and life coaching programs don't include the knowledge, structure and skills required to run a successful business.  

And most Business programs are not set up to help entrepreneurs that may have ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, health challenges or whom take care of family members with challenges.

At My Freedom Grove we do both - Business & Mental Health

Hi, I'm Gretchen Hernandez, a certified Lean Six Sigma Business Coach and certified Life Coach with over 25 years experience helping Solopreneurs, Small Businesses and Biotech Corporations.

I help you Design - Build - Optimize

  • Products & Services
  • Value Aligned Sales Funnels
  • Processes
  • Schedules
  • and resolve emotional triggers

So you can run a profitable, sustainable Business
in Harmony with Mental Health

I hold your hand and guide you through a visual structured approach, step by step instructions and customized, data based experiments to minimize your efforts for the biggest result. 

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Dr. Sonia

Midlife Sex Coach for Women

"She takes care of everything so that my over analyzing anxious brain can focus on the important aspects of providing my coaching services and helping my clients grow."

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Ann Y.

Daycare Center Owner

"You have been my North Star from tears to triumph and I value the journey we had together."


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Design Phase

Your products and services will practically sell themselves when they're designed based on what customers WANT.  

Don't make the mistake of just asking a few friends or peers in Facebook groups.  Too often this leads to a great idea, a big investment to build it, and zero sales.

I help you with Offer Validation, Customer and Business Requirements, Value Ladder Planning and Pricing, Content and Visual Design, Tech, plus the processes for consultations, sales,  onboarding, content delivery and customer service.

This is your opportunity to create your unique 1:1,workshops, group programs, online courses, memberships or certification programs. 

Guarantee people want your offers and sales funnels before you build them.

Get the Irresistible Offer Research Guide
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Pete B.

Career & Leadership Coach

"Can I just say, I love Gretchen.  I'm so curious to find out what my people want, not what I think they want and Gretchen's way of testing helps me to not overthink or go down long rabbit holes. I really appreciate her methodology of one step at a time."

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Karla P.

Career Coach

"I appreciated that Gretchen encouraged me to think beyond what I think is possible for my business, stretching my thinking and self-imposed constraints." 


Build Phase

Here comes the fun part!  You get to create your offers and easy, engaging way to market & sell them.

...and then, like most entrepreneurs (yes, this is normal), you drop into overwhelm and self doubt. Add in the tech part, being visible and the ick factor of bro marketing or being salesy...oh no! A little bit of panic activates your nervous system.

I've got you.

Your Mental Health is more important than anything. 

Together, we'll resolve emotional triggers, heal a few things as needed, create mindset shifts, build your skills and get the tech working.  This Restores Your Calm and Builds Your Confidence.

Then we get back to business completing your Offer and Value Aligned Sales Funnel (no ick involved).

Learn more in this free webinar.

Fill Your Roster Using Value Aligned Sales Funnels
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Erica L.

Decluttering Coach

"Your coaching today was the EXACT shifts I’ve been needing for about two years! I sincerely can’t thank you enough!"

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Stephanie V.

Traveling Familes & Ex-Pat Coach

"Having someone like her to work with each week kept me focused and gave me clarity about the next task, the overall vision and everything in between. "

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Delma C.

Divorce & Co-Parenting Coach

"You got me out of my safe cocoon where no one knew about me and you helped me build self-empowerment to show up at different networking opportunities."

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Optimize Phase

Now that your basics are working, it's time to get amazing results.

Using The Clarity Steps goal achievement system, you can achieve any Goal without jeopardizing your Mental Health.

We start with a very detailed Vision, Metrics with targets, and then we systematically resolve all of the obstacles...clearing the path and making your success inevitable!

Obstacles are either Mindset or Process.  We'll use different tools and techniques to resolve these.

You'll learn which Business metrics to monitor, how to find the data across your various systems, and what to work on to get more sales, better profit margins, sustainable and even bold goals, a dream a happy, calm you with a balanced life.

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Nikisha K.

Graphic Artist Agency Owner

"Working with Gretchen has been a life changing experience.  Her ability to help me get clear on my process and goals was the key I needed to succeed.  She helped me grow my business from $41K to $90K. Her systems sold me, but she helped me in many more ways."

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Lincoln K.

Physical Therapist & Business Owner

"Gretchen is an amazing coach who helped me identify issues, brainstorm solutions, and create fail proof systems to move my business and personal life in the desired direction. Gretchen is a tech goddess, Facebook genius, and a damn good Life Coach. 


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Mike D.

Productivity Coach & YouTube Growth Expert

"I have consulted with quite a few Kajabi experts over the last month. Gretchen is - by far- the most experienced and had gotten me more results than anyone else. I had a very unoptimised funnel therefore we were losing a lot of prospects because of that funnel. I learned ways to optimize my funnel with actionable steps, such as improving my email titles and improving the conversion rate optimization on my landing page and checkout pages."