Episode #65 Difficult People

March 17, 2021


Nothing can set off anxiety more than having to deal with difficult people.  They exist in our personal and professional relationships as well as community interactions.

How can you be unshakable around difficult people?  Hint...it’s not to just accept their behavior.  Just because their defense mechanisms were triggered, doesn’t mean you have to suffer.

With these 3 techniques and 1 mindset shift, peace, love and happiness are in your control.

This episode can make all the difference in the world.

[5:52] Introducing the 3 Techniques and why you would want to try them

[7:55] Technique #1 - the one that dissolves the undesirable behavior permanently and makes the world a better place.

[19:05] We've all been the difficult person at some time.  My 2 personal stories show the life changing result of someone using Technique #1.

[29:17] Technique #2 - we have more power than we think.  Use this to teach others how to treat you.

[33:56] Technique #3 - when the juice is no longer worth the squeeze.

[36:06]  Being Unshakable in a world full of difficult people - how 1 person can change the world

[38:06]  The One Mindset Shift that makes you Unshakable around any person.

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