Episode #93 Rejection Lessons

Experiments with the 5 Stage Customer Journey and Ready, Willing & Able Assessment teach you how to get a Yes.
December 4, 2021


Rejection stings.  But it doesn’t have to.  As a business owner or employee you can use customer No’s as a wonderful learning opportunity.

Each interaction with a potential customer is an experiment.  You will always learn something:  A pattern, a skill, a new way of communicating.

Using the 5 phase Customer Journey framework and an assessment of Ready, Willing & Able helps you pinpoint the exact steps to take to get a Yes.

Step away from shaming yourself and step into objectivity to know what is right for your customer and build trust.


[1:16] Rejection even happens with free offers - I share one of my recent experiences of being a good citizen, not a business owner.

[3:33] Mindset Management for Rejection - Challenge the default belief that you are personally getting rejected.  That is rarely the case.  Learn the other reasons for a No.

[5:30] The Customer Journey (5 Stages) - Business marketing has relied on this for over a century to know how meet customers where they are at, and how to nurture them to a sale.

[5:54] Stage 1: Pain Aware - If there is no pain, they will not be interest in a solution

[7:21] Stage 2: Problem Aware - how do they know the right solution if they don’t know the problem they need to solve?

[8:25] Stage 3: Solution Aware - There are always multiple solutions to any problem.  When is your solution the best choice?

[11:15] Stage 4: Product/Service Aware - Presenting your offer at the right time increases your chance for a Yes.

[12:02] Stage 5: Client/Raving Fan - Serve your clients well and they will help you in return.

[12:51] Are they Ready, Willing & Able - 3 part assessment to know the best timing.  If any one of these 3 parts is a No, the Customer will say No to your offer.

[13:05] Ready - What 2 things to look for

[13:41] Willing - The trickiest part.  It won’t work if they are not willing to try a solution to their problem.

[16:48] Able - Priority - They may be ready & willing, but is this the highest priority right now?

[19:06] Able - Emotional Energy - Keep them psychologically safe.  Know when to take your foot off the gas pedal for a while.  They’ll always come back.

[22:36] Able - Financial - Is it real or just them being polite?

[24:22] Able - Time - Being patient for it to be the right time, or adjusting your timing to fit their life.

[27:26] Lots of Experiments Reveal the Answers - You can figure this out.  You will know all the answers.  You will have all the skills.  But you have to Learn by Doing.  A book alone won’t provide 100% success right from your first time.

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