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Episode #9 Authentically You

February 11, 2020

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How would your life be better by living authentically you?

Sometimes, the way we present ourselves to people around us is different then our authentic selves. By doing this, we are subjecting ourselves to a life of anxiety and depression. We might even undervalue ourselves, denying that we could have an impact on the world by just being ourselves. 

In this episode, we will explore:

  1. The masks that we wear
  2. The wonderful possibilities that open up from dropping the mask
  3. Why we wear masks
  4. Facing our fears easily
  5. How to face the world unmasked

Experience the Freedom of being the REAL You! We can’t wait to meet you!


Time Stamps:

[5:10] How a grocery clerk changed the trajectory of my family’s life for the better.

[7:14] 1. The Masks we Wear: How traditional roles and social judgement make it challenging to be authentic

[12:06]  2. The Possibilities from Dropping the Mask: Your good mental and physical health are waiting for you.

[14:53] 3. Why was the Mask Necessary?  Why mind reading needs to ease up.

[19:45] 4. Facing our Fears Easily- Real world examples that it isn’t as scary as we thought.

[23:42] Example #1 Being Vulnerable Created Credibility - being a “good” parent

[26:57] Example #2 Your Difference is What Makes You Valuable - even in politics

[30:09] Example #3 Keeping Yourself Small Denies Help to Those That Need it the Most - time to step up and shine

[34:50]  5. Facing the World without a Mask: Surviving the first few times

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