Episode #123 Beta Testing

July 8, 2022


Think about the last time you were frustrated working with a service provider or using their product. It can be completely maddening to hit an obstacle in your user experience. Tech problems alone may have made you want to throw your computer out the window.  Sometimes these experiences are so bad you're driven to ask for a refund and leave a bad review.

Now, let’s flip it around to you, the business owner.

The last thing you want are bad customer experiences, reviews and refunds.  You put a lot of effort into creating your products and services.  That kind of feedback can go right to the heart.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  

Beta testing your products or services ensures a high quality customer experience. It’s easy to have great customer reviews when everything flows smoothly.  Let me share my professional Beta testing experience with you so you can create the best possible experience for your customers.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is Beta testing?
  • How to test your processes and flow using Beta testing.
  • Finding the right person to be your Beta tester.
  • Testing your services and process with an ideal client.
  • Questions to ask to guide the Beta testing process.
  • Is Beta testing worth the effort?


Time Stamps:

[02:16] Why Beta Testing Is Important - We've all had that terrible user experience (did your mind immediately go to the DMV?). It's so frustrating to be stuck in a process or experience that is clunky. This is why Beta testing is so important to your business.


[05:19] Round 1 Of Beta Testing: Check The Flow  - Tap into your Beta testing buddy! It's so much easier to have a third party go through the process to catch the small details, here are some ideas where they could start.


[10:49] Round 2 of Beta Testing: Ideal Customer Feedback - This round can be a little nerve-wracking but it will absolutely set you up for success when you land your clients!


[13:25] Check out this list of questions to ask in round 2!


[19:53] Is Beta Testing Worth the Effort? - You already know my answer to this question! But, if you need some help, I'm ready to dive in and help you flush out all the details of your processes, products, and services.


Links from this episode

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