Episode #168 Ditch the Drama,
Get Everything and Everyone Working Well

August 8, 2023


You feel it. That yucky muck that’s slowing down your business. At times you wish you could just scrap your whole team or your customers and start over. Have a fresh start where everything just works. Everyone gets along and does what they’re supposed to do.

You’re swirling in Drama.  Drama in your business or personal life has a big impact on you and your mental health. It also impacts your Business Results and bottom line. 

So what can you DO about it?

First, understand the roles everyone plays that contributes to the drama (Ugh! Yes…that includes you). Then see the shift and BECOME THE SHIFT that empowers everyone.This episode introduces you to the tools you need. With empowerment, drama is ditched and things get running smoothly in life and business. 


In this episode we explore: 

  • Obstacles that create drama
  • Drama Triangle & the roles within
  • Empowerment Triangle & the roles within
  • Who plays which role in the relationship dynamic
  • Where the drama comes from
  • Creating a sense of empowerment instead of creating drama
  • How to shift your role and still get your “soul burst” of dopamine


Time Stamps:


[3:30] Dealing with frustration- The drama begins…people around you aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do or not doing it the way you’d like it to be done. Now what? 

[4:10] When employees aren’t performing- Who do you want to be? The CEO of your business?  Or the backfill for your employees? 

[6:22] Got stubborn clients?- Progress is stalled. They are not doing the work or taking your advice. How are you supposed to help them get results?

[7:41] The Drama Triangle- 3 roles within the Drama Triangle: 

  • Victim: feels that things are happening TO them; feels hopeless & may stop doing work
  • Persecutor: thinks they know how to do it all; blames others when it isn’t done
  • Rescuer: wants peace; ends up taking on the work of others to make it happen

[14:10] The Empowerment Triangle: 3 roles within the Empowerment Triangle:

  • Creator: thinks about what they want; do whatever it takes for that reality to come true    
  • Visionary: painting the picture of what’s possible or could be possible
  • Coach: believes in people ask powerful questions; create motivation

[17:49] What does empowerment feel like?- The roles have to shift to create a sense of empowerment. When everyone is contributing to the solution as a team, motivation skyrockets and things get done!.

[18:10] Rescuer shifts to coach-  You don’t have to do it all. You just have to pick the right questions.

[22:11] Persecutor shifts to visionary- Ignite the passion, fire and inspiration with win-win visions. Ready to see some magic happen?

[26:11] Victim shifts to creator- You really can do anything.  With your creativity unleashed and fully supported, your solutions will be better than anyone ever imagined.  BONUS - Depression and anxiety fade away.

[28:58] The impact of these roles- The Drama Triangle negatively impacts mental health. Are you ready to make a change for the better?

[29:55] Where do you see yourself?- Feeling yucky?  Up to your eyeballs in drama?  Take a step back, see your role, then you’ll know exactly how to solve the problem.

[33:07] How can you use the 2 triangles to help you?- I would love to hear your ideas and feedback! 

[33:52] Dream Schedule & Unshakable Business Co-Lab- The Dream Schedule course & the Unshakable Business Co-Lab help you achieve getting your business up and running smoothly and profitably while putting your Mental Health first.



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