Episode #117 Creating Connection

May 20, 2022


 Are you connected with the right people?  If you find yourself struck with an obstacle or feeling  lackluster in your innovation and strategy ideas, it might be time to create some new connections.

Human connection not only benefits our mental health and resiliency, it benefits business health.

Connection provides the missing pieces of the puzzle, next level mindset shifts, different perspectives and all the data points to create a clear picture.  Problem solving and innovative solutions reach new heights..

Want to create something bigger than yourself?  Your connections will open the door for collaborations and synergies to magnify your impact.

Opportunity is waiting. What connection will you create?


In this episode, we talk about:

  • What it means to truly connect.
  • Taking a Gemba walk and how impactful it can be in learning.
  • Growing through connection, just like redwood trees.
  • How connection can make an impact on healing.
  • Being open to collaborations.
  • Rising and success through connecting the dots.


Time Stamps:

[03:30] The Power of Connection - Just like the degrees of Kevin Bacon, your connections to others can make a profound impact on your growth, curiosity, and opportunities.


[05:46] Learning Through Connection - A Gemba walk can be incredibly helpful in overcoming challenges. Imagine seeing the actual process, being able to understand the work, and asking questions about the similar challenge you're experiencing. It gives you the opportunity to connect and learn from those who do the work. Here are a few Gemba walks I loved learning from!


[12:57] Growth Through Connection - Connection is my absolute favorite way of growing, I even named My Freedom Grove after the phenomenon of growth through connected roots.


[19:33] Rise Through Connections


[19:43] Healing - Having trusted connections can introduce you to new modalities to experiment in your healing journey. 


[21:21] Collaborations - Being open to collaborations opens up all-new opportunities! This recently happened to me on a trip and the energy of brainstorming with others that have the same vision is exciting.


[23:07] Strategy - Amplify the outcome of your next move.  When you can see the dots, you'll understand the impact of your move. Business synergies within your business circles are all around you.  How can you and other business owners set each other up for the best success?

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