Episode #156 - Manifesting Confidence

March 23 , 2023


The #1 thing entrepreneurs tell me they want is Confidence.  It's not money.  It's confidence.  Afterall, it takes confidence to get out there and make money.

How can you have confidence with things you've never done before?  Or things that make you really uncomfortable?  Simple, manifest the confidence.

I know, it doesn't seem simple.  That's because many people misunderstand the term manifest to mean "wish".  Confidence doesn't happen by wishing for confidence.  You already know that.  You've tried it enough times.  It didn't work.

Manifestation involves so much more than a wish.  In this episode I'm going to share solid manifestation techniques to create your confidence.

In this episode we explore:

  • How Manifestation works
  • The energy requirements of manifestation
  • How to create the right energy
  • The magic of details
  • Doing things without 100% confidence


Time Stamps:

[03:25] Confidence Manifesting Thoughts - What are those?!?!  It's definitely not a set of wishes.  Wishing for things sends off repelling energy.  You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot.  Listen in to make sure you get the RIGHT manifestation energy flowing to feel confident.


[16:18] Manifest the Details- The Universe can't deliver on a vague request. The word "Confidence" is vague.  What does a "Confident You" look like?  Get ready for some coaching questions on this one.


[19:17] Doing the Thing Creates Confidence-  I know you already know that.  If you've done something a hundred times, of course you're going to feel confident.  But that's not where you're at.  When fear gets in the way of even doing it 1 time, how on earth can you Manifest Confidence?  I've got some very important tips for you.  One includes Winston Churchill quotes. (hmmm....what?)

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