Episode #153 Focus on the Process, Not the Person

February 25 , 2023


Break the drama and self sabotage in your business by focusing on the Process, Not the Person.  

Let me clarify something first.  When we design our products/services and processes initially we are 100% focused on the person.  We are paying attention to their pain points, desires and requirements for a solution.

When we shift to HOW we do our operations, including building and delivering our services, we want to focus on the process.  The process needs to work.  It has to be effective.  This is not a time to blame a person’s character, including your own.

When you focus on the person and their character you lose sight of the process and how to  make it effective.  If the focus includes blaming, shaming, or compare and despair, a heavy emotional burden is added to that person, and the blamer, which slows down productivity overall.

With attention diverted away from the process, many red flags and opportunities are missed. 

How amazing will it be to have a 100% drama free business that you love, where everything works, and you AND your clients are getting results?

Join me in this episode to FOCUS ON THE PROCESS, NOT THE PERSON.

In this episode we explore:

  • Examples of Process Problems
  • Recognizing When You're in a Process
  • How to document, understand & communicate a Process
  • Adjusting Processes
  • When it really is a Person problem and what to do


Time Stamps:

[02:36] Focusing on the Person Slows You Down - Your success is right in front of you, waiting for your attention.  However, if you're too busy looking at yourself or other people, you're going to miss it.


[04:43] Example of Process Problems, NOT People Problems - A sustainable business is built on effective processes.  A process is not a person's moral character.  Here are 2 real world examples.


[07:02] Process AMA-  Seeing the world through the lens of processes might be new to you.  How do you get started?  AMA - Aware, Map, Adjust


[07:41] Process Awareness - How do you know when you're in a process?  Who's process is it anyway?  Use this 1 simple technique.


[10:44] Process Map  - Time for some clarity.  When you know the exact steps of the process, YOUR CONFIDENCE SKYROCKETS


[18:46] Process Adjust - Now you've got a process, what do you do with it?  Own it. And Make it Shine!  Here's how.


[20:54] When it is the Person - But what if it really is the person?  Sometimes it is.  It's time to either "Get On the Bus" or "Get off the Bus".  Here's the Drama-Free Process perspective.

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