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Episode #29 Valuable in Business

The 3 Value Buckets
July 7, 2020

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Do you know the 3 major buckets of value that are most important for a business to succeed?

You can become a valuable business, business owner or employee by knowing and supporting these 3 value buckets.  

Not supporting each value bucket is a recipe for struggle, disengagement and ultimately loss.  Loss of employment, loss of customers, loss of good employees, loss of mental health and potentially, the loss of the business.

You deserve to thrive in business.  Let’s get your efforts focused on delivering the right value.

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Links and images mentioned in this podcast episode are found below.

1. Creating and Using Shingo Style Process Map

Use Shingo Maps in 2 ways. 

One - concentrate your customer value by eliminating waste in your business processes. 

Two - Use as a way to map out marketing posts for your online business.

2. 8 Wastes

Being valuable includes spending your time & resources on the things that deliver value.  This quick visual shows where we might be wasting our efforts or missing opportunities.

3. Starbucks Example

Great example of a business putting their customer's need first.  Customers want their coffee fast.  This monitor is providing real time measures of how long a customer sits in the drive thru. Some locations give the red cars their coffee for free.  

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