Episode #149 Giving Yourself a Voice

January 20 , 2023


Believe it or not, people want to hear what you have to say.  Although your inner critic may be saying "I'm not an expert", "they're tuning me out", "I need to stay humble", or "this isn't helpful", it doesn't mean any of it is true.

In fact, if you listen closely to that inner critic you may recognize it is actually a voice from the past.  Somebody else offered you a limiting belief.  THEIR limiting belief.  You never had to agree to adopt it.

Not giving yourself a voice is a painful obstacle.  It's one I know all too well.  It took a lot of movies, songs and mindset shifts to resolve my obstacle and vanquish my pain.

Being an entrepreneur requires using your voice.  Not only is your voice critical for marketing, you need it for creating your programs and helping your clients.

Your voice becomes somebody else's medicine.  They need to hear you.  Let's work through this obstacle together, my friend. I got you.

In this episode we explore:

  • Leveraging movies and songs to move you through the Change Curve of healing
  • Recognizing other people's limiting beliefs
  • Identifying who will be helped with your voice 
  • What really makes you an expert
  • How and when people Tune In to you


Time Stamps:

[04:26] First, Some Inspiring Movies and Songs - Have you ever noticed that movies and songs come out at the exact time you need them during your healing journey?  These examples have big healing powers.


[06:53] You Don't Need to Be An Expert, You Just Need to Have a View Point - but will anybody want to hear what you have to say?  Short answer is YES.  Don't believe me?  Check out all of these examples.  Your mind is about to shift quickly!


[15:41] Don't Let Other People's Limiting Beliefs Limit You - Is it against the rules to create your own content?  Are you bragging or being too boisterous if you post often on social media?  Or is it someone else not reailzing they're pushing their limiting beliefs on you?


[21:16] They're Always Listening, but they Tune In When They're Ready - Are you misinterpreting your data?  Or could you even be looking at the wrong metric and being misled?  If you've ever thought people were tuning you out, you need to listen to this.


[40:06] A 30 Day Challenge to Use Your Voice - Your voice and your personal stories are another person's medicine.  Are you willing to take the challenge to speak up?



It's time to practice using your voice.  Your stories. Your heart.  You will be amazed at the evidence you collect that proves people need to hear your voice.  Even better, those people will ask how to work with you! 

The Connection Factor course and 30 Day challenge gets you ready and gets you in the arena talking.  You'll develop your skill to create consultations with strangers.  Once you master this skill, you will become Fully Booked with a Waiting List?  What is better than healing AND business success?

Special January price of $49 for the instant access course and 30 day challenge.  ($200 Savings!) with code: KICKSTART2023


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