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Episode #51 Defense Mechanisms: Helpful or Hurtful?

December 9, 2020


You see people acting up.  The discomfort is unbearable. Is it bad behavior?  Or a psychological defense mechanism?

All humans use defense mechanisms to keep themselves safe.  These actions can help, interfere or wreak havoc in our lives.

Defense mechanisms trigger defense mechanisms in other people, creating a potentially unending cycle of emotional pain and escalation.

How do you stop the cycle? How do you keep each other safe?

How do you bring down the heat?

Focus on the pain, not the actions.


[3:43] Psychological Defense Mechanisms - Friend or Foe?

[4:05] Why do people act that way?

[6:31] Bizarre Behavior explained

[7:33] Why would they choose to be in bad relationships?

[9:44] We all do it - are your defense mechanisms showing?

[10:56] What's Really Behind It? - The 2 things that cause it all.

[14:46] How to have your own back and stay safe

[16:30] Observe the triggers - be able to predict when defense mechanisms will kick in

[17:54] Breaking the cycle - how to calm people down and make the defense mechanisms stop

[21:35] HELPFUL Defense Mechanisms

[25:04] INTERFERE - nice behavior may be a defense mechanism.  And it might be interfering in your life and theirs

[28:25] WREAKING HAVOC - How can something designed to keep you safe acually cause havoc?

[34:47] Learning to Recognize all the Defense Mechanisms in your life

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