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Episode #3 Tame the Uproar

December 17, 2019

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Disrespect and inconsideration are causing frustration levels to build to the point of exploding.


A friendly co-worker won't stop talking incessantly, making you late for your meeting.

You just got more work dumped on you, yet you have a vacation day scheduled tomorrow.

Your boss is giving you a bad review even though you are doing great at your job.

Your significant other is not giving you the attention you want.

Your anxiety is sky high because somebody keeps changing the plans.


Ahhhhh!  It's just toooo much!!!


You just want to feel calm. 

Well, my strong friend, you are in luck!  I have a technique I have been using for decades to calm even the most disgruntled groups.

This technique has been effective with:
  • Co-worker disagreements
  • Functional Team dynamics
  • Cross Functional work group quarrels
  • Leader - employee relations
  • School administration - Parent Group relations
  • Business Owner - Customer grievances
  • Parent - Child tension
  • Relationship repair


This 1 mindset management skill provides amazing, calming results at work and at home. 

When applied, you will be able to defuse any type of situation, even

  • During an emotional explosion 
  • Dissolve your frustration before you get to your breaking point
  • Prevent the frustration before it even starts
As a bonus:

 I've included two downloadable tools that will help you objectively see the dynamics and mindsets of each involved party and create the result you want.  Check out the download section below.

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