Episode #155- Business Evolution

March 13 , 2023


Evolve - Emerge Business & Wellness Retreat

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May 5-8, 2023
Northern California


What got you here, won't get you there.  Year after year, your business will evolve.  It builds upon itself.  Both in products/services and in self concept.

Sure, you can sit back and let it unfold and reveal itself to you.  That can work, but you might not be ready when something important is revealed.  This can cause nervous system overload and/or holding back from moving forward.  You don't want to miss your big opportunity.

Instead, you can evolve Intentionally.  With multi-level business planning, you set yourself up for Healthy Success.  You establish a rock solid foundation for you and your business.  Even better, you resolve emotional triggers that empower you to do business easily.

In today's episode we explore the evolution of your Business Model, Self Concept & Capability, Product/Service and Business Processes.  The great news - BUSINESS GETS EASIER AND FASTER as you evolve.

You'll also be introduced to 1 tool that pulls it all together in a single view.  The Business Model Canvas is a 1 page business plan. It's a living document.  It's 9 categories plant the seeds of Innovative Thinking to keep your business Relevant, in High Demand and in Business for Life.

In this episode we explore:

  • The 5 Stages of Business Evolution
  • Personal Breakthroughs that Make Business Easy
  • The 5 Oops Moments that Evolve your Processes
  • How to avoid Growing Too Fast and Failing
  • Evolving into High Quality, High Demand Products/Services


Time Stamps:

[02:15] Business Evolution - It's natural and NECESSARY.  One level at a time, it gets easier.  


[04:45] 5 Stages of Business Evolution - Do you know your current stage?  Do you know what's needed for your next stage?  


[10:15] Personal Breakthroughs Make it Easier-  Riding the rollercoaster of excitement and discouragement?  The extreme ups and downs get old quickly.  Great news, it will even out soon, for a smooth, comfortable ride.  Here's what I mean.


[12:15] Process Evolution from these 5 Oops Moments - Stop beating yourself up when things don't work.  This is all part of how processes evolve.  Check out how these 5 Oops moments actually help you.


[19:20] Strong Roots vs. Topplling Over from Fast Growth  You didn't put all this effort into big business growth just to have it all come crashing down.  Let's take a pause to ensure your root system is built for unshakable longevity.


[24:25] Documented Business Processes Eliminate Anxiety - Of course you're stressed out, you don't know what you're supposed to be doing.  Here is the #1 way to fix that.


[25:10] How Business & Wellness Retreats give you the focus you need - Your brain keeps jumping around from one emergency to the next.  It makes it almost impossible to plan for the long term.  That's where retreats come in.  Calm your body and mind so you can do your most important work ever.


[26:50] High Demand, Relevant Products/Services - Don't become the next Blockbuster that ends up out of business.  Here's how to stay relevant and in high demand.

[31:30] Intentional Evolution - How a Business Model Canvas makes it clear - An introduction to a valuable 1 page tool that makes your evolution possible.


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