Episode #80 How to Find Clients

September 3, 2021


Entrepreneurs face struggles when they start a business.  Finding clients can be frustrating and discouraging. You didn’t leave your corporate job just to get burnt out in your own business and have zero income.

Work smarter, not harder.  Ensure every step of your client pipeline is yielding a good return on investment (ROI) of your time, money and effort.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 4 effective strategies for finding clients that want what you offer.
  • Thinking about who your blue fish really are. 
  • Finding concentrated pools of your potential clients.
  • Ensure you factor in the 2 tips that will increase your chances every time.
  • Buying audiences through ads, opportunities or lists.
  • Building your audience from scratch.
  • Appearing in search.
  • Measuring your data.


Time Stamps:

[0:40]  Recent Entrepreneur Health Trends - Is there something in the air, or is it part of the journey?


[6:20] Are You Willing To Do Whatever It Takes? - As an entrepreneur, are you fixating on your escape clause or focusing on being “all in” no matter what?


[7:50] Work Smarter Not Harder - An introduction to Value Stream Mapping and why it will matter to you.


[12:06] The 4 Strategies for How to Find Clients


[12:28] Tip #1 Blue Fish - Who are your prospects that are ready, willing, able to buy your product/service?


[14:15] Tip #2 Concentrated Pools - 80% blue fish vs 1 blue fish. Increase your odds by finding the right areas to talk to many potential clients.


[15:54] Strategy #1: Buy an Audience - You can interrupt during their entertainment or be where they need you. Here are 15 advertising spots that you maybe haven't considered yet.


[18:44] Strategy #2: Borrow an Audience - Think about opportunities to get your foot in the door where you can collaborate and provide value to someone else's audience. But remember, you can die from exposure.


[26:16] Strategy #3: Build your Audience - Now, this is definitely going to require a big effort but has an awesome potential long-term payoff.


[34:30] Strategy #4: Search or be Searched - the power of Google. There are so many factors that go into Google's ranking algorithm. Always consider your lead nurture path.


[42:33] You Get What you Measure - Create a measuring system for your client pipeline. Give yourself some data to easily influence and guide your decisions.

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