Episode #62 Growth Responsibility & Opportunity

February 25, 2021


The worst feeling in the world is helplessness.  Not knowing what to do, how to do it and not being capable.

When unexpected events happen, we experience failure.  This is normal, we didn’t know to prepare for it.

Unfortunately, it brings feelings of helplessness.  To relieve the emotional discomfort, the blame game starts.  Energy is misdirected at a scapegoat, instead of solving the actual problem.

Apply this simple children’s game to turn it around, have everyone growing, and feeling empowered.

[1:11] Storms come into our lives - to show us how far we've come?  Or how far we haven't?

[4.14] Enter the Scapegoat - wasting effort redirecting the focus off of the real problem

[6:02] Making a Growth Threat Go Away - Destroying the messenger doesn't make the emergency go away

[9:58] How to Use a Simple Children's Game for a Mindset Shift

[15:24] Growth Responsibility - who is the real owner?

[19:11] Keep or Donate? - One of you will succeed, who gets to?

[20:04] What if you're the Scapegoat? - How to survive, thrive and keep your relationship healthy

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