Episode #132 Result Responsibility & Allowance

September 9, 2022


Who's really responsible for a result?  The customer?  Or the business that was hired to provide a product/service to achieve the result?

It's a widespread concern all businesses and entrepreneurs face at one time or another.

If you've noticed a theme in both your personal and professional world in regards to Result Responsibility, you don't want to miss this episode!

Coaches, healers and educators have hearts of gold. We always want to help everyone we meet.  Even those that don't want help.  And plenty of those that want the result, but don't want to put in the time, money or effort.

A trend happens.  The golden hearted person shifts responsibility to their plate.  The time, money and effort now become their burden.  Sure it feels great to deliver a result to another person, but the toll on their Mental Health may be too high a price to pay.

It's time to lovingly break the cycle.  Learn how to find the balance between professional helper and codependent human.


 In this episode, we explore:

  • The 1 reason businesses can't promise 100% results
  • Rough Patches warp reality
  • How Result Codependency impact personal and professional lives
  • Solving the Root Cause of Codependency
  • Designing Your Products/Services with Freedom for All


Time Stamps:

[03:26] Result Responsibility in Business - How this 1 thing prevents Businesses from promising 100% results for everyone.


[06:45] Rescue Driven Results - Recognizing the rescue response in yourself and how to shift out of it.


[08:14] Why Business Owners Fear Bad Results - What happens when a business delivers exceptional products/services, but a customer had a bad day?  How to navigate misplaced negative consequences.


[11:36] Humans Have Rough Patches - We've all experienced it, typically from both sides.  We were the customer having a bad day.  And we've seen customers that were having a bad day.  I share my personal experience when I experienced an unexpected trauma response. The lens of reality got warped.


 [14:44] Allowing Others to Have Results - Why it's so hard in our personal and professional lives when someone is struggling to get results.  Is it our responsibility to step up to the plate to help?


[23:27] How to Break the Result Codependency Cycle - Your Mental Health is more important than anything.  It may be time to challenge old belief systems for everyone's benefit.


[23:58] Build Self Love -  Love is not a currency.  Working, or overworking, for a payment in Love is not going to pay the bills.  Solve the root problem of result codependency so you can finally generate real revenue in your business. 


[25:06] Allow Others to Assume Full Responsibility for Their Results - Easier said than done right?  Learn how the ABC model easily changes your perspective.


[28:58] All them to Choose to Get a Result or Not -  Their negative consequence does not have to hurt you.  Learn some ways to safegaurd yourself in relationships with children, spouses, adult parents and customers.  When you're safe, it's easier to let them choose their fate.


[35:10] Allow Them to Choose Lower Quality Results - It's all about time, money and effort.  Want higher quality results?  There's a cost.  Learn how to not compromise the Quality of your product/service while all parties feel Freedom of Choice.

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