Episode #134 Inner Personas

September 23, 2022


 Have you ever had those weeks where your brain keeps shouting “I don’t want to do that?”.  Not just for 1 task.  I’m talking about almost every task.  Even the ones that you really enjoy?

Our brains can be so uncooperative at times, right?  

I have a theory.  Our brains are listening too much to the Inner Critic.  The Inner Critic is very influential.  It gets on stage, with your brain watching from the audience.  It paints a picture of doom and gloom on everything.  

Your brain watches in shock and horror as beautiful pictures are painted over with dark clouds, thunderbolts and emptiness.  So of course we don’t want to do the task.  Who in their right mind is going to voluntarily sign up for doom and gloom?  

What if your Inner Critic's stage time evaporated?  How much better would you feel?  How much more productive would you be?  I have a little trick to teach you called Inner Personas.  Get ready to shine with a little help from your friends!


  • The influence of Your Inner Critic
  • Reclaiming your stage with a litle help from your friends
  • 24/7 Support every day of your life
  • When to leverage your Inner Critic for your benefit
  • Evolving your personality


Time Stamps:

[03:58] Origin of Inner Personas - How an animated 11 year old girl with colorful orbs inspired a Mindset Revolution.


[07:58] How Could Multiple Inner Personas Help? -  Your Inner Critic already takes up too much headspace, why would you invite more?


[23:22] Adjust the Stage Time - The stage and lights were always meant for you.  Use this approach to take it back from your Inner Critic.


[27:25] When to Add a New Persona-  A day comes when you realize you have outgrown your personality.  Things you used to love about yourself reveal a downside.  Is it really possible that personality isn't permanent?


 [29:50] Inner Work is More Important Than Outer Work - You may look amazing on the outside and still feel like you're dying on the inside.   When you work from the inside out, you shine everywhere!


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