Episode #130 Refining Your Niche

How to Pick a Client Segment You Love So You Can
Create Products and Services They Love to Buy
August 27, 2022


 Niche.  I can hear the collective groan when I say this word.

It brings up worry and fear.  It seems like the wrong thing to do.  Yet, the evidence that it creates successful businesses is everywhere.  

Working with one segment of the population, on one specific issue creates crystal clear messaging and easy sales.

Ok, so you may have decided to get on board with it, but then the "Niche Drama" pops up.  And getting really clear becomes one of the hardest tasks of your life.

That's because you don't have an easy process to do it.  In this episode, I take you though the 5 Easy Steps to Refine Your Niche.

Get your paper and pen.  This is an audio workshop.  Let's get it done!

 In this episode, we explore:

  • The biggest mistake coaches, healers and educators do when asked "What do you do?"
  • The mindset shifts needed to resolve niche resistance
  • The 5 easy steps to refine your niche
  • Crystal clear messaging
  • Communicating Results and Timelines


Time Stamps:

[02:34] What's a Niche? - Let's make sure were on the same page.  What is it?  Why would you want one?


[03:34] Niche Resistance - Let's face it, the concept freaks us out a bit, right?  Let's address the transition between an Employee Mindset and a Successful Entrepreneur Mindset using these 2 shifts.


[07:42] The Biggest Mistake That Confuses Everyone - You'll recognize this as soon as you hear it.  We've all be there.  A confused audience will not become a paying client.  Let's get this corrected right away.


[11:43] Value Proposition - Also known as an Elevator Speech.  A crystal clear 1 liner will get your conversation going.  Use this framework to get started.


 [15:52] 3 High Level Niche Buckets - You know you need to scope it down.  Enjoy this quick method for the first big decision.


[17:12] Niche Refinement - It would be nice if 1 general description worked.  But, being vague will cause people to walk away.  Use this easy to understand technique to find your opportunity in your client's journey.


[26:30] Your Product or Service Success Path - What's the end goal of working with you?  Clients spend money on results.  Use this highlevel before and after excercise to help yourself get clear.  


[31:40] Milestones and Process Steps - Making the leap from Before to After doesn't happen overnight.  Help your clients celebrate the wins along the way.  P.S.  It also helps you get ready to design your best product or service to get there faster.

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