Episode #82 Working Through Social Anxiety

September 17, 2021


Your business and life may be harder than it is for most people if you live with Social Anxiety. It doesn't have to be. You can have an easier, safer feeling experience.

Social anxiety affects 3 of the 5 Essential elements of wellbeing:  Career, Social & Community.  

As an employee, you may find jobs that limit your exposure to other people.  But, it also limits your job opportunities. As an entrepreneur, you can create a business with very limited exposure to people.  But you’ll struggle to start your business, grow your business, meet customers and make sales.

As an individual, loneliness may bring about additional emotional pain.  Or the panic attacks may become so severe, you can’t function.

This episode provides safe steps for reducing Social Anxiety.  I include a case study of my 12-year-old autistic daughter and her panic attack after a bullying incident.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • what is social anxiety?
  • how do you get through social anxiety?
  • how can you help other people overcome social anxiety?
  • my 12-year-old autistic daughter’s experience with bullying and social anxiety at school.
  • centering yourself on your strong why.
  • what life after social anxiety could be like!


Time Stamps:

[01:26] 5 Essential Elements of Well-being and the impact of Social Anxiety - These five elements help give us some context and priority in order to feel good and balanced about our life.

[05:08] Social Anxiety Symptoms - you may be surprised to learn the cause of some of your unexplained body responses,

[07:06] Impact of Social Anxiety on Your Life - and why you may want to run away and live alone.

[09:54] Severities of Social Anxiety - Learn the 4 phases and the psychological safety of each

[11:01] [CASE STUDY] What does a Panic Response Look Like (after bullying) & How to Recover? - My 12-year-old autistic daughter’s experience with bullying at school.

[21:10] Working Through Your Social Anxiety - What is the healthiest way for you to work through your Social Anxiety?

[25:09] What if You Just Stay in Your Comfort Zone? - Because I know you want to.  It’s a normal human response to want to stay safe.

[26:01] Have a Strong Why (Bigger Than You) - Keep yourself both motivated to do the work and tethered to your why.

[27:47] 5 Ways to Work Through your Social Anxiety - so you can permanently reduce or eliminate it.

[33:56] What's Possible After Social Anxiety is Reduced? - Building and growing your business and having a great life. 

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