Episode #104 Success with Feedback

Feb 18, 2022


If you get triggered after seeing a Yelp review or hearing “Hey, can we talk?” from your customer, employer or partner, this episode is for you. 

 You don’t have to be caught in an emotional storm with your mind reeling about possible mistakes you made, your defense mechanisms bubbling over with anger, or suffering from a tight chest and stomach cramps. 

 Toltec wisdom teaches to not take anything personal.  Doing so only creates suffering.  That holds true with feedback.

 To have peace and success, objectivity is key.  Your success is waiting. You just have to find the success requirements within the feedback.

 In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • The empowering side of feedback.
  • Three ways people express feedback.
  • Recognizing when someone is expressing requirements to you.
  • Determining if those requirements were agreed upon & communicated up front.
  • Taking ownership of feedback.
  • Incorporating new requirements and releasing the rest.


 Time Stamp:

[02:06]: The Gift of Feedback: Feedback is so important. It can give us a gateway to learn, grow and innovate, but it can be so scary. 


[05:17] Recognizing When Someone is Expressing Requirements: Let's be honest, some people really suck at giving feedback! This is how people express their requirements.


[05:33] Three Ways People Express Feedback

 - [05:37] Emotional Spewers

 - [05:56] Peacekeepers

 - [06:06] Positively Terrified


[09:20] Determining Original Scope of Requirements: We've all been in these conversations. Was this requirement communicated and expected from the beginning or did something change along the way?


[10:41] Owning the Requirements That Belong to You: Instead of getting triggered, own it! Yes, this is super hard, but the impact of owning your mistakes adds so much value. Here's what I mean.


[13:11] Evaluating The Extra Communication: Dialing into the feedback objectively and finding what actual requirement was communicated is tricky. Don't get caught up in all the extra communication.

[15:53] Keep or Release  New Requirements: The more valuable we can make ourselves in the world, the better. Think about the feedback you've been given, are there opportunities to adjust?

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The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz


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