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BONUS Episode #197 Creating Profitable Products & Partnerships

What makes your Product profitable?  Have you considered Partnerships?  My guest, Tarryne West, reveals how partnerships create amazing, value packed programs, especially in Bespoke Corporate Coaching Offers.


Episode #180 Business Tricks, Treats, & Horror Stories

In this special Halloween episode, we are tellings stories about Business tricks, treats, and horror stories.  Get ready to laugh, scream and go Eww.

Grab some popcorn and gear up for some laughs! 

Episode #178 The 100 Year Business Vision

Roberto Candelaria shares his goal of helping 10,000 women and people of color make their first million in business. He knows he won't directly impact that many people, but the vision of his business is focused on touching that many lives.

Can your business vision reach that far? Short answer–YES!

Episode #177 Social Media Marketing the Easy Way

Would you like to be able to make social media work for your business without spending HOURS each week making it happen?

Learn how to make social media benefit your business using a four-part process to create and maintain a successful social media strategy. 

And BONUS–it's easy to implement!

Episode #176 Calm Your Nervous System

You didn't start your business to feel overwhelmed and irritable all the time!

If your nervous system is dysregulated, your business and personal life are probably suffering.

Get some tips for calming your nervous system and getting your mental and emotional wellbeing back on track.

Episode #172 Networking + Collaboration = Possibilities

Networking is simply having conversations to make connections and build your business. But does that intimidate you a little (or a lot!)?

Here are some tips for how to feel more prepared for a networking event and what to do once you get there.

HINT: one of the tips is as simple as GET DRESSED!

Episode #170 Automation Hacks

A business that runs 24/7?  It is possible!

Leveraging Automations and AI in your business will streamline your processes to run smoothly, and behind the scenes, to give you your time back.


Episode #164 Creating Your Magnificient Life Inside and Outside the Bedroom

Your Intimate Life may create obstacles for your professional life.  And conversely, your professional life may create obstacles for your intimate life.  They're intertwined. Intimate challenges also have an impact on your Mental Health and wellbeing.  Unfortunately, women worldwide will just push through and try to deal with things on their own because they don't know who to turn to for support.  Let me Introduce you to Dr. Sonia Wright and the Lit (*)Lit Team.

Episode #163 The Healing Power of Horses

Explore the healing power of horses.  Not only do horses help with trauma recovery, addiction and mental and emotional health issues, they also help with relationships and teambuilding.

Episode #161 Embracing all Aspects of You

The most successful leaders embrace their humanity.  They understand that both their light and shadow sides serve a purpose.  When embraced, each aspect creates connection, joy, and momentum in their life and business. You are cordially invited to join the Shadow Side Leadership Summit.  Come hear all the details.


Episode #159 Build a Beautiful Website

Design your website to match the quality of your coaching.  Jennie Lakenan, the Go-To Website Designer for Life Coaches, answers all of your most pressing questions about what to include on your website.  Even better, learn about her Website Kit (even non-tech people can make a website in a weekend), Tech Roadmap and Website Audit.


Episode #158 The Virtual Assistant Solution

How can a Virtual Assistant be a solution to 2 problems?  One is obvious - Hire a VA to help you in your business.   The other - Become a Virtual Assistant.  It's a great opportunity to earn a 6 figure income working from home doing the behind the scenes work you love.  My guest Molly Rose Speed created a mutually beneficial Ecosystem with her VA training & certification program and her place

Episode #145 Thriving in Business by Dating Your Soulmate

Let's be honest.  Your love life can derail your business.  Divorce, being newly single, being lonely during the holidays, and the ups and downs of dating create a lot of emotional turmoil. Well, I've got you my friend.  I invited my good friend Sade Curry, the Dating after Divorce coach.  She helps with divorce recovery, the full dating journey and preparing for marriage.  She takes care of You in all the best ways.


Episode #141 Heart Healing from Loss

You matter, my friend.  You've pushed through your feelings time and time again.  You've proven that you can hurt and still get stuff done.  But a day will come when a new loss will bring a landslide of emotions that takes you by surprise.  I'm introducing you to my grief coach, sharing my experience and Wendy's highly effective process.  Process your grief, my friend.  You and your business will be grateful!


Episode #140 Unleash Queer Brilliance

Unleash Queer Brilliance and enjoy your life!  Meet QT+ Coach MJ who supports Queer, Questioning and Trans adults. And get this, they are a priest!  Yes, it's possible for Faith to evolve and celebrate your Authentic Self.  Listen in as MJ shares how they can help you make it through the holiday get togethers with your waistline and sanity in tact.


Episode #139 ADHD, Anxiety & Successful Entrepreneurship

Worried that ADHD or Anxiety will get in the way of your entrepreneurial success?  Well, look no further.  You are about to get a great dose of inspiration!  My client, Dr. Sonia Wright, is sharing the secrets to her business success.  Learn how Dr. Sonia discovered her ADHD and anxiety superpowers with running not 1, but 2 successful businesses!


Episode #136 Called to Serve - LGBTQ+ Mom of a Conservative Faith

When you have the skills to help anybody with anything, how do you know who needs you the most?  If you've felt a bit of a pull, it might be telling you something.  The best coaches have a lived experience.  Learn how an LDS Mom discovered her calling after her child came out as LGBTQ+.



Episode #135 Work Stress to Work Love

You know that job that's stressing you out?  You can actually love it again and feel peace and calm.  If you experience breakdowns, burnout or working around the clock, this is for you.  You are cut out for your job, you are very good at it, you just need a few tools to help you do less (and possibly get promoted).



Episode #131 Becoming a Published Author

Your Self Care and Healing Journey can be another person's medicine.  Writing, publishing and getting your book in bookstores worldwide can touch the lives of thousands of people.  Want to learn how to do it?  You're in luck!  Today we're celebrating my guest becoming an official published author.  Hear her healing journey AND her book publishing journey.  Plus learn 5 Self-Care habits you can start today and how Psychedelics can deepen your healing journey.



Episode #122 How to Start a Podcast

Adding a podcast to your Business Model is easier than you think.  Podcast Coach, Kara Gott Warner, shares how to build up your confidence, let it be easy, and have fun in the process.  Let your voice, message and knowledge finally have a chance to be heard and appreciated.


Episode #120 Discovering Your Confidence

Confidence is an inside job. However, you can speed up the process with intimate photography blended with psychology. Let your authenticity and pride shine.


Episode #116 Your Amazing Human Design

You were born to be amazing.  Your business success is inevitable once you understand your Human Design.  Tap into your strengths to create unique offers that you and your clients will love!


Episode #114 Get Your Marriage Mojo Back

Marriage obstacles can derail your business & professional life.  Having diversity of thought and approaches helps get your marriage mojo back and you on track.

Episode #112 Journaling for Self Discovery

Your journal can be there for you when you need it the most.  Break through writer's block, unlock your self expression and start your self discovery journey.  Learn how to use your journal to shift into the best version of yourself, prepare for crucial conversations, and how to set yourself up for success in business and social media marketing.


Episode #106 Get Comfortable Presenting

Don't miss your big break!  Getting comfortable presenting, leading workshops and being visible is a learnable skill.  With human connection, your credibility and influence soars.


Episode #105 Getting Organized

Clear the clutter for an easier business and life.  Not only will you feel better, your business will run smoother and you'll have space for creativity to flow.


Episode #103 Relationship Marketing

Market your business by being authentically you and staying aligned with your values.  The Universe will conspire to connect you to those that need you the most.  Stacey Uhrig is back to share the marketing approach that has worked for her for over 20+ years as an entrepreneur.



Episode #99 Project Me

Improve the quality of your life and your business by moving yourself off the backburner.  "Lovin' Me" Life Coach, LeAnn Austin shares the shifts needed to give yourself permission to feel & develop self love.  Incorporating Faith based coaching, LeAnn helps people of all faiths and spiritual beliefs break free from non-loving thought patterns.


Episode #95 Getting Unstuck

Your business & life are waiting for you to move forward.  When your favorite mindset and business tools are not working fast enough, it might be time to work with your unconscious mind.  .

Episode #83 Wise Women Use Mulitple Coaching Modalities

Menopause age range brings many changes to a woman's life, body and business.  Consider EFT (Tapping), CBT and Quantum Physics to unleash your brilliance.  Bonus: Learn from Sarah's experience as an entrepreneur of over 20 years.  

Episode #81 Resolving Chronic Pain

You're one of the most responsible people out there.  You know how to get things done.  Even when you're in pain.  But the hard truth is, your pain can affect the quality of your business, relationships and mental health.  I care about you.  I brought in an expert that helps people resolve chronic pain.  Yes, even chronic disease.  Allow yourself to pause to take care of you.  Business is so much easier when you're not in pain.


Episode #79 Authentic Self Expression in Life & Business

The world needs your special sauce.  Your unique style, energy, and approach is what your clients and partners are searching for.  It's time to shine.


Episode #78 Harmony in a Politically Divided World

Speaking your conservative and liberal viewpoints safely used to be the norm.  It's time to get comfortable with tough conversations and bring back the harmony.

Episode #77 Non-Binary Coach Transforms Corporate Culture

Explore professional collaborations and business models for corporate coaching and speaking.  Bond with us over parenting special needs kids and the strength and insight from being members and activists  of the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community

Episode #76 Create Fun in Life & Business after Postnatal Depression

Life can be fun after postnatal depression, you just might need some help to create it.  Learn how intuition, integrative nutrition and life coaching can help.

Episode #75 Content Marketing by Design

It's time to shine and get noticed with Content Marketing.  Your voice, story and skills make up the perfect free sample that will have clients wanting more.  Learn about the exciting trends with podcasting and all the tips to help you be omnipresent without the overwhelm.


Episode #67 Finding Confidence after Grief

Grief is more prevalent in life than we realize. It comes with any change in life, divorce, job change, personal growth and of course, loss of a loved one.  My guest shares after the loss of her son Aaron to suicide, a chocolate class and trip to Belize changed her life and revealed her purpose. 


Episode #53 Three Wins - Mental, Physical & Entrepreneurial Wellbeing

From great strife to optimum wellness.  What if 1 decision could bring abundance in your mental, physical and entrepreneurial wellbeing?  Make 2021 your year.

Episode #49 Excellence is a Developed Capability

Life happens for you, not to you.  At any time you have the choice to create excellence.  Learn how one man's setbacks evolved into his mission to help others.


Episode #44 You Can Change the World

Your authenticity can change the world.  There are allies in the world that are ready to stand for you.  When you can be your true self, who will you stand for?

Episode #41 Bisexual Visibility

Bisexuals really do exist.  It is time to celebrate being your authentic self.  It starts with acknowledging that bisexuality is real. 

It is never too late to live life honestly AND still have the family you want.  You may even find yourself being a beacon of hope to others.


Episode #37 Create Your Legacy

You have one life to live.  You were destined for something greater than the standard day job.  Sometimes it takes something big and out of your control, like cancer, to make it happen. Not all hard things are bad. The tough times might just create the opportunity you always needed. Discover your purpose and get ready to create your legacy.

Episode #32 Next Level Visibility

The world needs you to be visible.  You have a spot waiting for you.  You have the power to change the world and industries  by being part of it.  What type of support do you need to get through the hard parts?  We've got your back!

Episode #31 Isolated to Connected

You don't have to live your life feeling alone.  When you discover, or create, your perfect environment of people you trust and enjoy, you will feel a new lease on life.


Episode #27 Fitting In

During at least one moment in life, we feel like we don't fit in.  Seeds of self doubt are planted.  At an early age, one man, caught between two worlds, felt like he didn't belong in either. Once he found the right coach, his world changed for the better.

Episode #26 Unexpected Destiny

One day you are living a great life.  All of your hard work has paid off.  And then the unexpected happens.  Life throws you a curve ball you never saw coming.  Depression is normal and expected.  But, it doesn't have to be permanent.  Get inspired by how one man is creating a new destiny for himself and his family.

Episode #21 #MenToo

Men have also been the victims of sexual assault.  It is time to start a #MenToo movement.  Having a safe space to talk is more important than ever.  Hear one man's story and what he is doing to be a beacon of hope and healing.

Episode #19 What is the Schizophrenic Risk in a Pandemic?

Pandemic stress may cause a surge in psychotic episodes.  Learn how to minimize risk and what to do if you encounter someone experiencing a psychotic episode in public.

Episode #13 From Adversity to Purpose

Life isn't just the highlight reel.  Finding someone that is willing to honestly share their struggle can be a beacon of hope to those that feel like they are "the only." Meet one man who has stepped into his Purpose after facing two significant adversities.


Episode #11 Am I a Loser?

Believing negative self thoughts can be devastating throughout a person’s life.  Recognizing the origin of these thoughts and knowing they are optional is an Emotional Intelligence skill underdeveloped in many. This is especially true for children. Meet our guest that is helping children and adults talk about these hard topics by using comics.


Episode #8 Surviving PTSD

Sharing your story of mental health challenges paves the way for other people to get help and survive.  I am proud to introduce you to Erik Foster, a retired volunteer first responder and PTSD survivor.  He shares his honest, inspiring story to help educate others about symptoms and treatment that helped him.  He brings a strong message of hope.  PTSD can be treated and you and your loved ones can survive this.


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