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Episode #83 Wise Women Use Mulitple Coaching Modalities

Menopause age range brings many changes to a woman's life, body and business.  Consider EFT (Tapping), CBT and Quantum Physics to unleash your brilliance.  Bonus: Learn from Sarah's experience as an entrepreneur of over 20 years.  

Episode #81 Resolving Chronic Pain

You're one of the most responsible people out there.  You know how to get things done.  Even when you're in pain.  But the hard truth is, your pain can affect the quality of your business, relationships and mental health.  I care about you.  I brought in an expert that helps people resolve chronic pain.  Yes, even chronic disease.  Allow yourself to pause to take care of you.  Business is so much easier when you're not in pain.


Episode #79 Authentic Self Expression in Life & Business

The world needs your special sauce.  Your unique style, energy, and approach is what your clients and partners are searching for.  It's time to shine.


Episode #78 Harmony in a Politically Divided World

Speaking your conservative and liberal viewpoints safely used to be the norm.  It's time to get comfortable with tough conversations and bring back the harmony.

Episode #77 Non-Binary Coach Transforms Corporate Culture

Explore professional collaborations and business models for corporate coaching and speaking.  Bond with us over parenting special needs kids and the strength and insight from being members and activists  of the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community

Episode #76 Create Fun in Life & Business after Postnatal Depression

Life can be fun after postnatal depression, you just might need some help to create it.  Learn how intuition, integrative nutrition and life coaching can help.

Episode #75 Content Marketing by Design

It's time to shine and get noticed with Content Marketing.  Your voice, story and skills make up the perfect free sample that will have clients wanting more.  Learn about the exciting trends with podcasting and all the tips to help you be omnipresent without the overwhelm.


Episode #67 Finding Confidence after Grief

Grief is more prevalent in life than we realize. It comes with any change in life, divorce, job change, personal growth and of course, loss of a loved one.  My guest shares after the loss of her son Aaron to suicide, a chocolate class and trip to Belize changed her life and revealed her purpose. 


Episode #53 Three Wins - Mental, Physical & Entrepreneurial Wellbeing

From great strife to optimum wellness.  What if 1 decision could bring abundance in your mental, physical and entrepreneurial wellbeing?  Make 2021 your year.

Episode #49 Excellence is a Developed Capability

Life happens for you, not to you.  At any time you have the choice to create excellence.  Learn how one man's setbacks evolved into his mission to help others.


Episode #44 You Can Change the World

Your authenticity can change the world.  There are allies in the world that are ready to stand for you.  When you can be your true self, who will you stand for?

Episode #41 Bisexual Visibility

Bisexuals really do exist.  It is time to celebrate being your authentic self.  It starts with acknowledging that bisexuality is real. 

It is never too late to live life honestly AND still have the family you want.  You may even find yourself being a beacon of hope to others.


Episode #37 Create Your Legacy

You have one life to live.  You were destined for something greater than the standard day job.  Sometimes it takes something big and out of your control, like cancer, to make it happen. Not all hard things are bad. The tough times might just create the opportunity you always needed. Discover your purpose and get ready to create your legacy.

Episode #32 Next Level Visibility

The world needs you to be visible.  You have a spot waiting for you.  You have the power to change the world and industries  by being part of it.  What type of support do you need to get through the hard parts?  We've got your back!

Episode #31 Isolated to Connected

You don't have to live your life feeling alone.  When you discover, or create, your perfect environment of people you trust and enjoy, you will feel a new lease on life.


Episode #27 Fitting In

During at least one moment in life, we feel like we don't fit in.  Seeds of self doubt are planted.  At an early age, one man, caught between two worlds, felt like he didn't belong in either. Once he found the right coach, his world changed for the better.

Episode #26 Unexpected Destiny

One day you are living a great life.  All of your hard work has paid off.  And then the unexpected happens.  Life throws you a curve ball you never saw coming.  Depression is normal and expected.  But, it doesn't have to be permanent.  Get inspired by how one man is creating a new destiny for himself and his family.

Episode #21 #MenToo

Men have also been the victims of sexual assault.  It is time to start a #MenToo movement.  Having a safe space to talk is more important than ever.  Hear one man's story and what he is doing to be a beacon of hope and healing.

Episode #19 What is the Schizophrenic Risk in a Pandemic?

Pandemic stress may cause a surge in psychotic episodes.  Learn how to minimize risk and what to do if you encounter someone experiencing a psychotic episode in public.

Episode #13 From Adversity to Purpose

Life isn't just the highlight reel.  Finding someone that is willing to honestly share their struggle can be a beacon of hope to those that feel like they are "the only." Meet one man who has stepped into his Purpose after facing two significant adversities.


Episode #11 Am I a Loser?

Believing negative self thoughts can be devastating throughout a person’s life.  Recognizing the origin of these thoughts and knowing they are optional is an Emotional Intelligence skill underdeveloped in many. This is especially true for children. Meet our guest that is helping children and adults talk about these hard topics by using comics.


Episode #8 Surviving PTSD

Sharing your story of mental health challenges paves the way for other people to get help and survive.  I am proud to introduce you to Erik Foster, a retired volunteer first responder and PTSD survivor.  He shares his honest, inspiring story to help educate others about symptoms and treatment that helped him.  He brings a strong message of hope.  PTSD can be treated and you and your loved ones can survive this.


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