Episode #77 Non-Binary Coach Transforming Corporate Culture

an Interview with Jay Pryor
Speaker, Corporate Trainer, 2SLGBTQIA+ Activist,
Parent of Special Needs Child
August 13, 2021


Amplify your impact and change the world.  Explore the option of delivering Speaking and Coaching programs for corporations.

My guest shares how their experiences as a Non-Binary human and parent to a special needs child added strength and insight to their coaching ability.

2SLGBTQIA+ have a higher rate of suicidal ideation.  Jay shares how a psychiatric hospital became a life changing turning point.

Join in the warmth of a friendship built on collaboration, shared values and the fun of talking business models.


[1:07] Rising together - When presented with an opportunity, can you take others with you?  Learn an example of collaboration in the coaching Industry.

[4:57]  Meet Jay Pryor - Maddie, Hersbund, Non-Binary Human and overall phenominal human being making a difference in this world.  

[9:20] Making it easy with a signature process and a short book:  Lean Inside - 7 Steps for Personal Power

[12:21] From suicidal youth to Healer and Activist - How sending your child to a psychiatric hospital may be the best change for their life.

[17:48] Creating a New Conversation with yourself - Your words to yourself matter.

[23:16]  Baby Stepping the thought shifts - Miracles happen.  Sometimes they just need to be considered first.

[26:00] Special Needs Kids and the power of Parental apologies - there’s more than one mess to clean up.

[37:53] Business models - getting in front of corporate audiences.  Jay shares their approach that you may want to try.

[41:48] What does a corporate workshop look like?  Tangible exercises you can try as you listen to this podcast.

[50:26] How do you make the biggest impact?  With a 1:Many offer.  Listen for a few examples.

[52:35] Gender reveal parties - Why it’s time to make them stop.

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