Episode #140 Unleash Queer Brilliance

An interview with MJ (Michelle Johnston)
Queer, Questioning & Trans Life Coach
November 4, 2022


Life is more enjoyable and impactful when we live as our brilliant, authentic selves.  Some members of the Queer community face internal and external challenges to living life authentically.

Having a coach, who knows Queer challenges from personal experience, is an ideal support.

MJ, aka Michelle Johnston, is a coach for Queer, Questioning and Trans adults.  And guess what?  They are also a Priest!  As someone that identifies as non-binary trans, MJ is a great example that it's possible for religion to evolve.  When you step into self acceptance and self love, your brilliance can change the world.

With the holiday season upon us you may be experiencing an extra layer of stress.  Family gatherings and Work parties may bring you face to face with difficult people.  MJ has a special holiday program to help you make it through the holidays with your waistline and sanity in tact.

Prepare for a lot of laughter in this episode!  MJ knows how to bring the joy!


  • Fascinating Career Journeys
  • Faith & Authenticity Can Work
  • Queer Challenges in College & Workplace
  • Aspirations & Opportunities
  • Support & Strategy for Holiday Stress


Time Stamps:

[03:59] Background and Journey - have you ever met a Monk?  I have.  You have to hear how an IT professional, found themselves becoming a Monk in Prison!  What?  Just go listen.


[12:55] Life before Coaching Tools -  What if we could have a "do over" in our earlier relationships?


[16:01] Who do you choose to serve? - What goes into a coach's decision about who to help.


[17:39] Evolving Faith is Possible - Times change. People change. Limiting beliefs change.  Learn how Faith can evolve successfully.  You no longer have to choose between Faith and living an authentic, fulfilling life.


[21:50] Unique Challenges for Queer Young Adults - Can you imagine life without the ability to do these things?


[26:14] Playing Small in a Career - When you unleash your Queer Brilliance, the sky's the limit.  What you need so you can stop playing small.


[29:27] Is the grass greener on the other side?  When employee life isn't great, could entreprenuership be a good option? Entrepreneurship pros and cons for Queer folks.


[32:56] Aspirational Goals & Opportunities - Life coaching isn't just for people struggling. When you're interested in going to the next level, coaching can get you there faster.


[35:56] What to do in a Changing Political Landscape - We all have an opportunity to change the world for the better.


[40:28] Making it through the Holidays with your Waistline & Sanity Intact - Prepare yourself with great tools, techniques and mindset for every situation, including the Jerks.


 [44:27] Advice for Transitioning from a Long Term Career into Entrepreneurship


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