Episode #164 Creating a Magnificient Life Inside and Outside the Bedroom

An Interview with Dr. Sonia Wright, Lisa Hatlestad and Donna Jennings
The Lit (*)Lit Team
May 26, 2023


Your Intimate Life may create obstacles for your professional life.  And conversely, your professional life may create obstacles for your intimate life.  They're intertwined. Intimate challenges also have an impact on your Mental Health and wellbeing.  Unfortunately, women worldwide will just push through and try to deal with things on their own because they don't know who to turn to for support.

You'd be surprised how often my clients use their Business Coaching sessions to address intimacy issues.  This happens the most during 1:1 sessions with my clients.  Afterall, not everyone is comfortable talking about their intimate lives in a Business group setting.  

What if there was an affordable group setting where women came together to get support for their intimate lives?  A place where you can get support from Doctors, Coaches and Specialist about your body, pleasure, sexual health, relationships, orientation, gender, trauma, perimenopause, menopause, religion, creating cultural change and all those things that make us blush and talk in hushed tones.

Let me introduce you to Dr. Sonia Wright and her team for the Lit (*)Lit Club.  The Lit (*)Lit Club is a safe place where women can come to create the life that they want. It’s a place where you get to talk openly about your sexual concerns and be heard. There’s no judgment here, no reprimand, no labels. Just acceptance, knowledge, freedom, love.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.  You'd be amazed how changing one thing in your intimate life will empower you in your professional life.

In this episode we explore:

  • How Intimacy and Mental Health are Intertwined
  • Enjoyment vs. Checking off a To Do list
  • Female Anatomy & Pleasure Equality
  • Questioning Labels such as Promiscuous
  • What happens inside and outside the bedroom when you stop People Pleasing


Time Stamps:

[03:45] Meet Dr. Sonia Wright - On a mission to positively impact the lives of 100,000,000 women worldwide inside and outside the bedroom


[05:02] Meet Lisa Hatlestad - Body Image and Embodiment coach helping women "Love the House They're in"


[06:45] Meet Donna Jennings - Dream Life and Authenticity coach helping women break free from the past to have a magnificient life.  "Your Yesterday Doesn't Define Your Future"

[08:46] Did I mention?  I'm part of the Lit (*) Lit Team - LGBTQ+ coach helping women, female identifying and non-binary individuals embrace their sexuality, gender, coming out at any age, partner orientation and gender changes, self expression, and relationship change dynamics with family, friends, community and work.


[11:37] What is the Lit (*)Lit Club?  Prepare to be amazed at all the support you get in one place.  


[15:15] The Intertwined Impact of Intimacy and Mental Health- It goes both ways, right?  When you are feeling stressed, depressed or anxious, your intimate life is impacted.  AND your intimate life may cause stress, depression and anxiety.  How do you get everything going on the upswing?

 [23:15] Enjoyment vs. an Obligation - Ladies, sex is not an exchange system.  How to take back and own the Joy that available to you. 


[28:10] Anatomy - Did you learn everything from the book "Are you There God, It's Me Margaret"  You may be shocked to learn that there is so much more to your anatomy than you thought.  With knowledge comes empowerment and a whole lot more pleasure.


[31:00] Questioning Labels and Age Assumptions - A word is just a word with a definition.  It's not good nor bad until we decide it is.  Imagine the world we can create for our daughters, ourselves and our mothers when we take back the narrative.


[43:55] Outside results from Intimacy Improvements - How you do one thing is how you do everything.  Personality traits such as people pleasing can lead to doing things you don't want to do, judging yourself for it later, and eventually being full of resentment.  Do you see this same pattern inside AND outside the bedroom?  Listen to examples of massive shifts outside the bedroom as a result of intimacy coaching.


[49:45] Relationship Enhancement & Trauma Relief - We're here to enhance relationships, not destroy them.  You get expert relationship coaching for your magnificent life.  As well as trauma coaching. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 women will experience sexual trauma at some point in their life.  You don't have to hold it inside.  Our trauma expert is here for you finally get some relief.


[52:50] Soul Burts - Is your chest filled with excitement and gratitude about your life? Are you living your purpose?  Are you part of something bigger than yourself?  Come experience this miraculous feeling inside the LIt (*)Lit Club!

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