Episode #81 Resolving Chronic Pain

An Interview with Body & Mind Coach Betsy Jensen
September 10, 2021


You’re one of the most responsible people I know.  You spent your life being resilient.  You know how to get things done.

Even when you’re in pain.

I’m holding up the mirror with love:  Your pain is affecting the quality of your business.  It’s also affecting your relationships and your mental health.

I know you’ll be a successful Entrepreneur.  You’ll get your business working.  It’s a given.  

You’ll be able to do it faster and easier when you are out of pain.

I care about you.  I brought in an expert.  Betsy Jensen is a Body & Mind Life Coach, with a lived experience with chronic disease and 20 years experience as a physical therapist.  She resolved her chronic pain through meditation, yoga and mindset work.  

Allow yourself her help.  We can get back to business after we take care of you first!


[1:50]  You can achieve any goal using The Clarity Steps.  Biggest secret - resolve your obstacles to make your success inevitable.  Chronic pain is an obstacle to many of my clients, so I’m tagging in an expert.  Building your business will be so much easier when you’re out of pain.

[5:47]  Meet Betsy Jensen, Body and Mind Life Coach with 20 years of experience as a Physical Therapist.  Through her own lived experience with Ulcerative Colitis, she discovered the key to resolving chronic pain.

[8:40]  Neurological Conditions can be mimicked by stress.  Be curious.  Listen to her experience, education and science. Then consider how this may be true for you and your pain.

[17:37] Embrace pain as a loving barometer helping you discover the answers. Betsy introduces Somatic Tracking and how the good days even provide clues. 

[28:21]  Clean vs. Dirty Pain.  How shame factors into amplifying pain.

[33:35]  Healers that continually learn, evolve their programs to serve their clients best.  Betsy shares what she learned about Koshas and how it can help you resolve chronic pain.

[37:39]  How fast will you see results?  The answer might just surprise you!

[42:37] What does it look like to work with Betsy to resolve your chronic pain?  Do we have to dig into everything?  Even the stuff I want to keep buried?

[44:43] ANNOUNCEMENT: Betsy’s Chronic Pain Reduction group program is starting September 13th.  Don’t miss your chance!

[50:17] Chronic Pain and the Entrepreneur: Don’t let this stop you from starting your business or getting your business up and running.  Chronic pain can be resolved.  Take the pause and do this for yourself.  Your clients will thank you.  You will be the role model everyone needs in their life.

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