Episode #99 Project Me

Developing permission and ability to Self Love
an Interview with LeAnn Austin
January 14, 2022

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You're amazing at helping others with their projects and developing them.  It feels like the right thing to do...all of the time.

Until it doesn't feel good anymore.

It's exhausting to give away all of your energy.  At times it feels lonely and painful to constantly find yourself on the backburner.  Your inner critic starts telling you lies like you don't deserve better or it's selfish to consider your own needs.

My friend, stop.

Give yourself permission to put yourself first.  This is your oxygen mask.

Doing Project Me can be a life saver in more ways than one. 

Join LeAnn Austin and me as we share our real mindset shifts, including faith based and universe based, that gave us permission to start loving ourselves.


Time Stamps:

[03:12] Introducing LeAnn Austin - Certified Faith Based Life Coach, coach at The Life Coach School and Entrepreneur.  You are going to love our chemistry!

 [06:22] Learning to Love Me - Why this is a critical skill 

 [07:13] Dropping Judgement - Your inner critic pretends to be helpful.  It's time to take the judge's robe away.

 [08:47] Being Mean To Yourself Will Not Get You Where You Want To Go - When did Shame become your motivator?  There's an easier and better way that will give you WAY bigger results.

 [12:50] Wearing Yourself Out is Not Love - even if you got love from others as a result of your effort, you're too tired to enjoy it.

 [14:18] Faith-Based Coaching - Believing in a higher power, no matter what faith, can help, as long as you interpret the lessons with love.  Learn how coaches can hold the space for your beliefs.

 [16:59] Love Others AND Love You - How this one simple clarification of religious teaching changed everything.

 [21:30] How an elementary school teacher is masterfully prepared for online entrepreneurship - talk about all of the transferrable skills!

 [25:03] Entrepreneurship is an act of Self Love - The best gift you can give yourself is self sufficiency

 [26:57] Micro steps you can take to love being visible on Social Media.

 [32:36] Being an Entrepreneur is just a Science Experiment - when you can love yourself and the journey, every day is the best day of your life!

 [38:37] The Lovin Me Program - Can you imagine people celebrating you for doing acts of self love?  LeAnn offers a group program where it's all about you developing the skill of loving yourself.  Listen in for all of the details about the coaching and the community.

 [43:28] LeAnn's Favorite Breakthroughs - LIFE SAVING! Grab a tissue, prepare to love LeAnn even more!

 [46:35] Connect with LeAnn Austin Coaching - you know you loved her energy.  Can you imagine being around her all the time?  Divine!

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