Episode #106 Get Comfortable Presenting

An interview with Lisa Braithwaite
Public Speaking Coach
March 4, 2022


Have you ever been terrified to do a speaking event, presentation, or even just networking? 

People want to connect with you on a human level. When you're approachable and accessible, people are attracted to you like a magnet. 

It takes a lot to get up in front of that many people. But it also takes a lot to get comfortable even just talking with two. 

Today’s guest, Lisa Braithwaite, helps corporate employees and entrepreneurs to get comfortable with every type of presentation and with all sizes of audiences, including social media. You don't wanna miss your big break!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Instagram Cats!  (One fun way to break the ice)
  • Public speaking versus presentation skills - both are important, but can you identify the difference?
  • Performing and entertaining through Public Speaking.
  • The pleasant discomfort and secret skill of micro presentations.
  • Different ways to become a conference speaker.
  • How Lisa books her corporate training gigs.
  • Our fear of embarrassment sharing our videos and photos on social media for our business.
  • What it looks like to ditch perfection and create connection.

Time Stamps:

[03:38] Meet Coach Lisa Braithwaite - Lisa and I hit it off sharing pics of our cats and talking shop at the Professional BusinessWomen of California Conference. Lisa helps biz professionals build visibility, credibility and influence for their work through engaging presentations!


[06:41] Falling in Love with Speaking - Lisa started her journey with public speaking as a way to entertain and teach people things in 10th grade when she joined the speech team. Think about how much those skills evolve for us as we become an adult?!


[13:40] 30 Years of Professional Speaking - Doing remote and in-person speaking gigs for 30 years means Lisa has a brilliant strategy leading up to her sessions. You're going to want to try this one.


[17:44] The One to Five Minute Micro Presentations - It is so hard to whittle down presentations to those micro snippets, but Lisa has a gift for it! She's even doing micro-fiction contests!


[18:47] Becoming A Conference Circuit Speaker - Get visible on social and online, join groups, research, and associations. Lisa is even an admin of a Facebook group for coaches, experts, authorities, book authors, and other people who have areas of expertise and get paid to speak.


[22:24] Download This Speaking Proposal Template From Lisa's Site


[23:33] Corporate Training Opportunities - The honest answer is Lisa let's corporate partnerships find her, but there's also more to it than that. She calls it the Google Juice, which I love.


[26:54] Overcoming the Fear of Sharing Your Photos and Videos on Social Media - We have to speak up and speak out and get our messages heard by the world. We just have to be real. Your representation matters.


[36:13] Lisa's "Recovering from Mishaps" Superpower - Embarrassment can be our friend. Seriously, has there ever been a death certificate that has said Cause of Death = Embarrassment?!


[43:14] Working With Coach Lisa B


[46:43] Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection, A Tip for Entrepreneurs - Really focus on engagement and human connection and you're going to do so much better at attracting people to find you and your business.

Important Links from the Episode:


Connect to Lisa:





Lisa’s Celeb Cats' Instagram

Lisa’s Speaker Proposal Template

Lisa’s Book - Presenting for Humans: Insights for Speakers on Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection


Speaking Opportunities:

 Power Women Speaker’s Facebook Group
Professional BusinessWomen of California 


Podcast Episodes Referenced:

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