Episode #8 Surviving PTSD

Recognize the signs and know there is treatment that works
February 4, 2020

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Sharing your story of mental health challenges paves the way for other people to get help and survive.  I am proud to introduce you to Erik Foster. He is a retired volunteer first responder and PTSD survivor.

Erik shares his story

  • How his PTSD started
  • His experiences
  • How his wife convinced him to get help
  • The network of care providers that helped
  • Actionable exercises you can try to help with PTSD, Anxiety or Depression
  • His Ride to Survive to help others

Please join me in this moving, inspirational story.

Ride to Survive

Click on the image below to go to Erik Foster's Facebook page. You can learn more about Ride to Survive and PTSD symptoms.
**Please contribute to support Erik's 5 day Ride to Survive Snowmobile Trek**

This Episode's Downloads & Links

PRINT THIS & SHARE: PTSD Symptoms & Resources

 Help Network Erik mentioned (all located in Canada)


Downloads & Links

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