Episode #177 Social Media Marketing the Easy Way

An Interview with Dawn Ferguson
CEO Sneakers+Kale
Social Media Coach
Agency Owner
October 10, 2023


The Social Media conundrum––a strong presence could greatly benefit your business BUT you can’t (& don’t want to) spend ALL your time creating and posting content. Would you love to know exactly what to do on Social Media to get the biggest bang for your buck? 


Dawn Ferguson, CEO of Sneaker+Kale, Social Media Coach, and Agency Owner is sharing the four-part process to creating and maintaining a social media strategy that is easy to implement and will take you far in your business.  


No more 30+ hours spent each week on creating just a few posts that only get a dozen likes or views! You will love the practical suggestions Dawn has for how to make social media work for you, no matter the stage of your business. 


In this episode we explore

  • Using processes to streamline Social Media marketing
  • The four-part process to creating a social media strategy
  • Getting really specific with your ICA (ideal client avatar)
  • Using Social Media to grow your business
  • What should come first––website or social media


Time Stamps

[4:12] Creating a business…by accident- The love of working on a business rather than in a business led to a unique model of agency+coaching business. And it happened by accident!


[8:30] You’ve heard it before–processes are important!- using processes to streamline 


[11:52] The basics of a Social Media strategy- It’s actually more simple than you might think, but it takes getting to know yourself and your ideal client to get it started.  


[15:16] So, how much time do I actually need to spend on Social Media?- If you’re spending more time than you’d like to then you’ll want to hear how one client went from 30 hours a month down to 8 hour a month by strategizing and implementing some processes.


[19:52] I.C.A=Ideal Client Avatar- Spending the time to really get specific about your ideal client can save you a lot of time in the long run. It is not just who you would like to work with, its who you align with that helps you fulfill your purpose. 


[26:44] Building from “Like, Know, & Trust”- While paid advertisements may target specific people with a specific message, creating organic Social Media content will build trust with your audience, even if you don’t have very many followers


[31:05] I believe you, I need a strategy. Where do I start?-There are 4 components to consider for your social media strategy. We’re breaking it down. And with this knowledge, it IS easy after all!


[36:29] Support inside the Social Media Success Academy- Dawn’s course will walk you through step-by-step how to build out your strategy and your process. She will hold your hand the whole time! 


[42:03] Turning on the OPEN sign- Many new business owners wonder what to do first. Should their time, effort, and resources go to a shiny website or a robust Social Media presence? Which one flashes “I’m OPEN” bigger and brighter? 


 [48:24] Connect with Dawn- Ready for more? Dawn would love to hear from you through her Instagram or you can find more information about her course on her website. 

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