Episode #159 Build a Beautiful Website

An Interview with Jennie Lakenan
April 14, 2023


Does your website represent the quality of your coaching? 

If you're like many entreprenuers, you're relatively new to designing and building a website.  It's intimidating.  What's it supposed to look like?  What's it supposed to say?  Will it work? 

Like me, you may DIY your website.  You experiment with different platforms.  You google how to make a website.  You look at other websites for examples (although, we all know that can bring up some compare & dispair!)  And then there's the tech overwhelm.  It's hard enough to learn the basic tech.  But, when you don't know how to do online business, you may not even know what tech is necessary.  

Wouldn't it be great if there was someone that could do it for you?  Or at least give you very easy, simple click by click instructions to create a quality website quickly?

Magic wand moment!  Introducing Jennie Lakenan!  (psst...you're in really good hands now).

Jennie is the go-to website designer for Life Coaches.  She helps you with all of it.  DIY, tech lists, website audits and Beautiful done for you websites.  Today she's going to answer some of your most pressing questions about what to include in your quality website.

In this episode we explore:

  • How much personal information to share
  • How to show up qualified (even if you're new in this career)
  • 1 site or 2 for Therapy & Coaching offers
  • Strategy for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs & General Life Coaches
  • Take the guesswork out of Plug-ins, Design and SEO


Time Stamps:

[02:05] Meet Jennie Lakenan - Let her journey inspire you!  From stay at home mom, to Life Coach, to The Go-To Website Designer for Life Coaches (who's in high demand!)


[06:30] The Best Marketing Strategy- Wonder how you can be in high demand?  Learn the #1 thing that worked for Jennie.


[09:50] Undershare, Overshare?  The right amount of Personal Information - You want to connect with your potential clients.  But you're feeling a bit vulnerable.  How much is too much?  How much is not enough?


[12:40] Showing up Qualified - Imposter syndrome is real, no matter how long you've been doing your craft.  It's even stronger when you're just starting out.  Here's how your website and a simple mindset shift can help.


[18:20] One Website or Two? - You may offer more than one modality.  Or have specific license requirements for one and not the other.  This is especially relevant for Therapist Coaches.  What's the best approach?


[20:50] General Life Coach - How to target your messaging - We've all heard niching down will give clarity to your message.  But what if General Life Coaching is your calling?  There has to be an answer, right?  Yep, and Jennie's about to share it with you.


[26:40] Take the guesswork out of Plug-ins, Design & SEO - There's an easy way to do it.  Because Jennie made it for you.  (Yep, she's awesome like that.  Thank you Jennie!)  Introducing The Website Kit for Coaches.


[35:30] A Website on a Saturday - Is it possible for a non-tech person to create a website on a Saturday?  Yes.  Jennie has very specific, easy instructions for you.


[37:50] Tech Roadmap & Website Audits - Confused by what tech you need?  Not sure if your website is good enough?  Check out what Jennie has for you!


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