Episode #103 Relationship Marketing

An interview with Stacey Uhrig
Feb 11, 2022


The Universe will conspire to connect you with your ideal clients when you choose to show up as your authentic self and do the things that align with your values.

I invited Stacey Uhrig back to share how Relationship Marketing proved to be her winning approach as an entrepreneur for 20+ years.

Relationship Marketing is about making real connections and caring about people.

It isn't limited.  Relationship marketing is also about helping other businesses.  

Can you image that you can increase your flow of clients by taking the time to get a cup of coffee with another business owner?

When you curate a community of people that want to help each other, the dots get connected.  Business & Life get a lot more peaceful. 

Then you realize just how abundant the Universe really is.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The benefits of relationship marketing.
  • Showing up as your authentic self using social media.
  • Where Stacey Uhrig truly connected to her sense of self.
  • Generating referrals through connecting and tagging on social media.
  • How to remember and manage the details of relationship marketing.
  • Dedicating time to relationship marketing.
  • Stacey’s journey with Rapid Transformational Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping Hypnosis, Trauma Recovery certifications.


Time Stamps:

[04:35] Re-Introducing Stacey Uhrig: Stacey joined me on episode 95, but is back to talk relationship marketing!


[04:59] Showing Up through Social Media: Stacey shows up as her full, authentic self on social media. Listen to her story about authenticity and F bombs affecting her business.


[12:45] The Origin Story of Stacey's Sense of Self: As origin stories often do, Stacey's sense of authenticity and self sparked really young, but this is how it impacted her growing up.


[19:43] Tagging People in Content to Connect The Dots: It's all about abundance, love, and connection. More followers and social engagement is just part of the collateral beauty.


[23:05] Generating Social Media Referrals: What you put out, you get back. What you believe, you receive. Ditching the funnel hustle and focusing on connection can generate strong referrals.


[28:36] Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy: This was such an interesting take on numbers vs. nurture, you need to check this part out!


[33:33] Remembering the Details of Relationships: Get a CRM! And here's how Stacey would use it.


[41:54] How Much Time Does Relationship Marketing Take? It's about being authentic and committed to people-ing when you feel it. Here's how Stacey approaches it.


[49:44] Stacey's Coaching Toolbox: Rapid Transformational Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping, Hypnosis, Trauma Recovery. These certifications are so interesting.

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Go Giver by Bob Berg

Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler





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