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Episode #41 Bisexual Visibility

An Interview with Ricky Hernandez, Bisexual Advocate
September 23, 2020

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 Can you imagine going through life being told you don’t exist?

Sexuality is confusing enough.  Imagine being a young kid being attracted to both boys and girls.  Yet, everywhere you turn, you get the message that it is not possible to like both.

September 23rd of every year is Bisexual Visibility Day.  It is the day to reflect on the very real existence of the “B” in LGBTQ.


My guest gets courageously vulnerable with us in today's episode. It takes very courageous people to step forward and say “I’m bisexual. We do exist.” I am very grateful and very proud of this man for stepping into his own light and becoming a lighthouse for others. On this episode, I'm interviewing my favorite bisexual, my husband, Ricky Hernandez.

Ricky opens up about when and how he realized he was attracted to more than one gender. He shares extremely vulnerable memories from his journey along the way. He also shares about living life as an out, proud, and supported bisexual man.

I encourage you to listen to this interview in its entirety. This episode is all about Bisexual Visibility, this story, all of our stories, are important. When you’re ready to jump back through and listen to some of your favorite parts again, you can jump to these question time stamps:


[02:59] Q: Tell the audience a little about yourself, Ricky!

[04:10] Q: How did you know that you were bisexual? When did you first start becoming aware of this?. 

[06:12] Q: When was your first in-person time that you found a boy that you liked?

[09:34] Q: When was the first time you started to see any indications that there was someone else out there like you?

[11:04] Q: We've been very fortunate that [Schitt's Creek] is out now on Netflix. But, during your twenties, were there any TV shows that said anything about being bisexual?

[12:07] Q: How does [Carrie Bradshaw's quote about bisexuality being a layover on the way to gay town] affect you?

[12:45] Q: Was there anything that influenced your choice as you pursued relationships [in your early twenties]?

[15:08] Q: Was there ever a time that you shared with your first wife that you were bisexual?

[17:49] Q: Did you have anyone you could turn to for support during [the deterioration of your first marriage?]

[18:38] Q: How does [Ricky's journey] transition into our (Gretchen and Ricky's) marriage?

[21:13] Q: What were the next couple of weeks like for you after [being outed]?

[23:19] Q: [Asking about Ricky's experience at his first Pride Parade]. How would you be able to recognize a bisexual at a Pride Parade?

[27:12] Q: Your life is starting to change into more of an advocate for bisexuality. Can you share some of the ways you do that?

[28:18] Q: How does it feel when you're out in public and you get to dress how you want to dress and wear your colors?

[30:39] Q: Why do you think the risk of suicide is so much higher for bisexual men?

[31:40] Q: Now that you've come out, you've been living your life out and proud as a bisexual man and your whole family is now in full support. How does it feel?

[33:25] Q: Ricky, what would that have meant to you if you were in a group of a bunch of other bisexual people?

[35:13] Q: If some of our listeners wanted to reach out to you or learn more about you, how could they find you? 

[35:55] Q: Would you be open to people making friend requests?


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