Episode #139 ADHD, Anxiety & Successful Entrepreneurship

An interview with Dr. Sonia Wright
Midlife Sex Coach for Women
October 28, 2022


Worried that ADHD or Anxiety will get in the way of your entrepreneurial success?  Well, look no further.  You are about to get a great dose of inspiration!

My client, Dr. Sonia Wright, is sharing the secrets to her business success.  Learn how Dr. Sonia discovered her ADHD and anxiety superpowers with running not 1, but 2 successful businesses!

As the Midlife Sex Coach for Women and a Pediatric Radiologist, Dr. Sonia got creative with solutions that worked for her.  She shares her journey, tips, techniques and tons of inspiration.


  • Creating A Business Your Way
  • Working with Your Brain, Not Against It
  • ADHD & Anxiety Superpowers
  • Using Body Doubles and Support Teams
  • Evolving Products & Services for Maximum Success


Time Stamps:

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[02:25] Meet Dr. Sonia Wright -  The Midlife Sex Coach for women.  She is a board-certified radiologist, trained sexual counselor, and master certified life coach (rumor has it, she has also worked in a sex toy store).


[05:50] Multiple Careers - The average American has 7 careers in their lifetime.  You'll never guess the different twists and turns Dr. Sonia experienced.


[12:40] Transitioning to Entreprenurship with ADHD and Anxiety - Learn how Dr. Sonia did entreprenuership her way and how it might work for you too.


[17:35] The Superpowers of ADHD and Anxiety - The unexpected advantage of neurodiversity on entrepreneurship.


[21:40] Working with a "Body Double" - Success comes with creative solutions.  Find out how Dr. Sonia gets it all done.


[24:10] Drop the Shame and Embrace Success with Neurodiversity - shame is optional.  Why would you choose it?  What if you chose success instead?


[30:05] Building a Support Team - It's OK to not do everything yourself.  Learn from Dr. Sonia's success.


[32:35] Business Success through Evolution - When you're in business for the long run, your product evolves to meet your customers needs.  Learn how Dr. Sonia evolved the Own Your Sexuality Now (OYSN!) program through the years.


[39:30] Sexuality, Love and Work Schedules - Love is in the air...can you hear wedding bells?   Yep! Dr. Sonia is getting married!  Learn how she manages an active product launch while keeping plenty of room to marry the woman of her dreams.


 [42:40] #1 Piece of Advice for Creating Your Products & Services - This is huge!  Not only will this help with your anxiety, it will skyrocket your success.


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