Episode #76 Create Fun in Life & Business after Postnatal Depression

an Interview with Susan Scollen
Health & Life Coach
August 6, 2021


Where’s the fun?

All your life you imagined the dream life of having kids.  When that transition point came, it wasn’t exactly a dream.  The challenges, advice and criticism brought on depression (or made it worse).

You want to pull yourself out of it, but how?

Health & Life Coach, Susan Scollen shares her journey and how creativity, integrative nutrition & fun were the key to changing her life.  

Join in love & laughter as we share creative ideas for life, health & business to inspire you to go after your passion and have a life you enjoy.


[2:33]  Life Transitions - Your emotional rollercoaster with kids and how entrepreneur creativity may help

[7:57]  Meet Susan Scollen - Bonding moments with another Mum who has gone through postnatal depression.  She gets you.  

[17:13] A Turning Point Comes- How creativity is your best tool when you decide enough is enough.

[19:52] The First Steps: - Intuition, Nutrition & Soul Hour

[22:43] Talent vs. Passion - Just because you are amazing at something, doesn’t mean that is your path.  You can make other choices that light you up.

[26:07]  Developing Your Passion opens opportunities - Allow your path to unfold before you.  Investing in your own development may be something bigger than a piece of paper.

[30:05] Discovering your Niche -  Your obstacle becomes your diamond.  With a worldwide platform, there are millions of people that need you and that very specific thing you do.

[35:01] What does fun look like?  I forgot.

[39:29] Why Fun goes in your schedule and your meal plans first.  You’ll thank Susan for this transformational shift

[44:23] Your Health & Wellness Journey awaits - Susan’s programs create the desired sanctuary you always needed.

[49:37] Stop “Shoulding Yourself”.  Creating a life of “Get To”, could be the 1 thing that changes everything.

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