Episode #105 Getting Organized

An interview with Tracy Hoth
Organizing Coach
Feb 25, 2022


Organizing your stuff can be quite triggering. Even just figuring out where to start the process can be so overwhelming.

I'm  grateful that Tracy Hoth from Simply Squared Away is here on the podcast today to help with all of it so that we can actually get through it.

Not only are we talking about managing clutter, letting go, and maintaining it, but Tracy also shares how our mindset impacts our ability to sort, purge, assign homes, and maintain the content in our business and life. 

How much better will you feel when your home and business are clutter-free and organized?

I hope you got some inspiration to create a great space for yourself. You deserve to feel good!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Tracy launched her business that integrates mindset tools with organization skills.
  • How vulnerable it can be to ask for help and bring someone into your home amongst the clutter.
  • The different ways Tracy can help clients, even virtual sessions!
  • Overcoming shame and focusing our mindset during the purging process.
  • The impact of organization on your mental health.
  • Tracy’s Organized Life Academy!
  • Advice for entrepreneurs to avoid the accumulation of great ideas and how to avoid overwhelming clutter.


Time Stamps:

[03:08] Meet Tracy Hoth from Simply Squared Away


[05:36] Fueled By Low Clutter Tolerance: Some people just do better if things are cleared off! This is how Tracy got started.


[09:14] Where Do You Start Organizing Clutter?: Oh man, we've been starting in the wrong spot. Does anyone else go and buy the container first?


[13:03] Launching the Organizing Business: Referrals and organic search were how people found Tracy at first when she launched in 2008. That has grown and evolved over time.


[17:52] Respecting the Vulnerability of Helping People in Their Homes: Tracy focuses on the possibilities, that's what makes her so great!


[18:57] Virtual One-on-One Organizing Sessions: Zoom, phone calls, sharing files over Voxer. Processing organization and mindset work don't have to be in person!


[21:34] Overcoming Waste Shame and Letting Go: Trust that you'll have everything that you need when you need it. This is one of Tracy's favorite thoughts!


[25:26] Organizing Digital Clutter: Is anyone else collecting online courses? I love this one-in and one-out concept to help prioritize the most important thing in the moment.


[30:26] Organized Life Academy Membership: Each month, the Organized Life Academy focuses on one organizing topic and one mindset topic this month with coaching calls every week and a community.


[35:20] The Impact Of Organizing on Mental Health: Tracy tells the story of one of her clients who had a full-time job, a teen, and is the family caretaker. Finding the time completely changed her feeling of defeat.


[40:15] Connect with Tracy Hoth


[41:14] Entrepreneurs Commit to This Strategy To Avoid Being Overwhelmed By Clutter: Oh this idea of the power of one is soo good! Avoid the pile-up of sticky notes and digital chaos of files with this trick.

Important Links from the Episode:

 Simply Squared Away

Simply Squared Away on Facebook

Tracy Hoth on Instagram 

Organized Life Academy

Voxer App  

Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life by Peter Walsh


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