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Episode #13 From Adversity to Purpose

March 10, 2020

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As much as we wish life could be perfect and without tragedies and challenges, it isn’t.  Adversities happen to every single person. In the age of social media we can get discouraged by seeing the highlight reel of people’s lives.  We start to think we are the only one struggling. But, that’s not reality.

What happens when someone is brave enough to share their struggles?

They start a movement.  They become a beacon of hope to those that have felt so isolated.  They give permission to other people to be human. To feel their feelings and express themselves. 

They become the person they needed when they were going through their challenge.

They start a ripple effect of massive healing. They bravely step into their Purpose.

Please join me in welcoming David Aguilera.  He shares his journey of losing his brother to suicide, his experiences with Autism and being a mental health and disability advocate, using social media and writing to make a difference.

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