Episode #136 Called to Serve

An Interview with Meagan Skidmore
Life Transition Coach for Parents of LGBTQ+ kids of Conservative Faith
October 7, 2022


 How do you know who to serve with your business?  You've probably heard the advice that it is beneficial to niche down.  Yet, the decision isn't easy.

What if you felt a calling?  A gentle pull or a quiet voice nudging you.  What if you listened to it?

That's exactly what happened to my guest, Meagan Skidmore. 

Often our struggles are training for our calling.   As a member of the LDS church, Meagan found herself at a crossroad when her child came out as LGBTQ+.  Her journey of listening, thought work and expansion in her faith proved she could have it all.  She can love her child and enjoy her faith.

Now Meagan helps other parents of LGBTQ+ kids of a conservative faith background.  Listen in, get inspired, and listen for your calling.

 In this episode, we explore:

  • General vs. Niched Life Coaching
  • When your world goes topsy turvy
  • LGBTQ+ Parent's fears
  • The power of listening to stories
  • How doubt is a beautiful thing


Time Stamps:

[03:43] Feeling Called to a Niche - You have the skills to help anybody with anything.  How do you know who needs you the most?


[07:00] The Journey into Coaching - A pivot to a professional coaching career often happens during life's transitions.  Meagan shares how she connected the dots and became the person she is today.


[09:55] When you're a member of LDS and your kid comes out as LGBTQ+ - How do you question deep beliefs?  When new evidence is standing right in front of you and they have your heart.


[16:00] The Transformative Power of Listening to Stories - When your world is rocked, where do you turn?  How an unexpected source was exactly the right support.


[19:20] You don't have to choose between your Faith & your Child - there is another way.  Learn how thought work can expand your options.


[21:15] Doubt is Beautiful - dissolving the shame in doubt so you can reach certainty.

[24:20] What Getting Support Looks Like - who gets support?  The parent or the child?  Or both.  Meagan shares her creative solutions.


 [27:30] Prickly world vs. Smooth World - How a client's before and after is completly different even if the world didn't change.


[31:45] Advice for entrepreneurs that want to provide services for the LGBTQ+ community.

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