Episode #114 Get Your Marriage Mojo Back

An Interview with Maggie Reyes
Master Certified Life Coach & Marriage Mentor
April 29, 2022


Our personal relationships can completely derail our business or our professional lives. Sometimes that is the obstacle and we need to spend some time and actually work on that so that we can have the success in our businesses and in our professional life.


In today's episode, I’m joined by Maggie Reyes a life coach and modern marriage mentor who specializes in helping driven, ambitious, women, create the marriages of their dreams without waiting for their partners to change or adding more work to their lives. She's the creator of the Marriage MBA program. It's a six-month mentorship in creating a successful marriage using principles from positive psychology, cognitive science, and simple coaching tools that you can learn today and apply tomorrow.


Maggie shares incredible tools and mindset techniques to work through any type of relationship. It could be your marriage, business partner, co-worker, friend, or family member. These relationships and connections are so important. Coming to the relationship with love and curiosity can lead to incredible energy and revival of a relationship setback.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Maggie’s experiences as a marriage life coach. (Check out her 6-month program called The Marriage MBA)
  • How “no defending, no complaining” can breathe life into and remove drama from your relationship.
  • The empowering practices of staying curious in conversation.
  • Allowing others to experience the consequences of their actions.
  • Overcoming a relationship experiencing a breach of trust like infidelity.

Time Stamps:

[02:37] Meet Maggie Reyes, The Marriage Life Coach - Maggie is a Marriage Life Coach who primarily helps Type A women (Maggie's description is so spot-on and hilarious) who are crushing it in their careers but may be struggling in their relationships.


[06:45] No Defending, No Complaining


[06:45] No Complaining - Time to step into a new arena with your relationship. Try this out, instead of complaining, make a request. Here's a really good example of switching a complaint of always being late, to a request instead.


[10:52] No Defending - It really isnt' an argument until someone gets defensive! This principle from Maggie is so powerful - "The fight you don't have is the fight you don't have to recover from."


[13:35] Get Into Curiosity - Have a mindset of a detective. Ask questions like these to stay in a curiosity mindset.


[19:28] Allowing Others to Experience the Consequences - Learning this was huge for me. I shared the story with Maggie about how this impacted my family. This is one of the most loving and uncomfortable things we can do, lean into Maggie's empowering thoughts here!


[22:42] Relationships Experiencing Breach of Trust - Turns out the cliche of time heals all wounds simply isn't always true! We talk about overcoming infidelity or breaches of trust. I love Maggie's view on hatred as a habit.


[34:09] Working With Maggie - Maggie has a 6-month intimate group coaching program called The Marriage MBA focusing on perspective, partnership, and pleasure. If you want to thrive in your relationships, go sign up! 


[41:29] The Power of Collaborations like Guest Coaching - Of course, there are great benefits like networking and growing your business. But, Maggie shares the spiritual gift, learning opportunity, and staying in a curious mindset from collaborating with other coaches.



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